Pokemon Flawless Platinum – Level-Up move changes

Pokemon Flawless Platinum

Level-Up Move Changes

If a Pokemon has changes to their Level-Up Moves, they shall appear on this list. If they do not appear on this list, they do not have any changes.
A + denotes the addition of the move from their learnset
A – denotes the deletion of the move from their learnset
An = denotes that the move has had its level shifted, but is still part of the learnset
When it says moves after X move down a slot, take the moves learned after X and replace them with the moves learned at a level from X onward
Pokemon are ordered by evolution chain. If a Pokemon has a cross generational evolution/pre-evolution, the first Pokemon in the chain by National Dex order is the location of it. (Eg. Tyrogue family is placed after Marowak because of Hitmonlee)

You may notice a few Pokemon with moves taken out despite the fact that their Level-Up Moves number less than 20 (The max). This is due to the fact that if they have the max, there is a glitch where they will learn some strange moves every two levels, sometimes the same move like ten times.

Some adjustments were made so that Legendaries could not end the battle with them prematurely (Ex. Deoxys using Teleport or Cresselia using Lunar Dance)

Because this pertains to moves, the following are the changes to the moves themselves.
-Cut is now a Grass-Type Slash, so it’s a weaker version of Leaf Blade
-Strength is now a Rock-Type move
-Rock Smash is now a 60BP move with a 30% chance of lowering the target’s defense
-Me First is now a +5 priority move (It didn’t make sense that it wasn’t already a priority move in the first place)
-All other attack moves are exactly like they are in Gen V/IV (The only ones that could not be changed were moves that alter stats or were retyped to Fairy)

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur
+Sludge-Lv.17 (Bulbasaur), 18 (Ivysaur and Venusaur)
+Nature Power-Lv.23 (All)
+Sludge Bomb-Lv.41 (Bulbasaur), 44 (Ivysaur), 49 (Venusaur)
+Leaf Storm-Lv.45 (Bulbasaur), 47 (Ivysaur), 53 (Venusaur)
-Growl-Lv.1 (Ivysaur, Venusaur)
-Leech Seed-Lv.1 (Ivysaur, Venusaur)
-Vine Whip-Lv.1 (Venusaur)
=Solarbeam-Lv.52 (Ivysaur), 57 (Venusaur)

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard
+Metal Claw-Lv.13 (All)
+Dragon Dance-Lv.40 (Charmander), 50 (Charmeleon), 59 (Charizard)
+Flare Blitz-Lv.43 (Charmander), 54 (Charmeleon)
+Outrage-Lv.46 (Charmander), 61 (Charmeleon), 76 (Charizard)
+Rock Slide-Lv.49 (Charizard)
-Air Slash-Lv.1 (Charizard)
-Fire Spin-Lv.49 (Charizard)
-Heat Wave-Lv.59 (Charizard)

Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise
+Iron Tail-Lv.26 (Wartortle, Blastoise)
+Meteor Mash-Lv.36 (Blastoise)
+Muddy Water-Lv.37 (Squirtle), 44 (Wartortle), 49 (Blastoise)
+Water Spout-Lv.46 (Squirtle), 56 (Wartortle), 66 (Blastoise)
-Tail Whip-Lv.1 (Blastoise)
-Bubble-Lv.1 (Blastoise)
-Withdraw-Lv.1 (Blastoise)
=Rain Dance-Lv.40 (Squirtle), 48 (Wartortle), 56 (Blastoise)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.43 (Squirtle), 52 (Wartortle), 59 (Blastoise)
=Flash Cannon-Lv.69 (Blastoise)

Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree
+Protect-Lv.10 (Metapod)
+Air Cutter-Lv.16 (Butterfree)
+Giga Drain-Lv.40 (Butterfree)
+Psychic-Lv.42 (Butterfree)
+Air Slash-Lv.46 (Butterfree)
-Gust-Lv.16 (Butterfree)
=Bug Bite-Lv.6 (Caterpie)
=Bug Buzz-Lv.50 (Butterfree)

Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill
+Protect-Lv.10 (Kakuna)
+Twinneedle-Lv.1 (Beedrill)
+Cross Poison-Lv.16 (Beedrill)
+Night Slash-Lv.43 (Beedrill)
+Brick Break-Lv.46 (Beedrill)
+X-Scissor-Lv.50 (Beedrill)
-Fury Attack-Lv.1&Lv.10 (Beedrill)
=Bug Bite-Lv.6 (Weedle)
=Twinneedle-10 (Beedrill)

Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot
+Aerial Ace-Lv.18 (Pidgeotto, Pidgeot)
+Brave Bird-Lv.49 (Pidgey), 57 (Pidgeotto), 62 (Pidgeot)
+Sky Attack-Lv.67 (Pidgeot)
-Gust-Lv.9 (Pidgeotto, Pidgeot)
=Gust-Lv.1 (Pidgey)
=All normally learned moves past Gust move down a slot (All)

Rattata, Raticate
+Flame Wheel-Lv.19 (Both)
+Fire Fang-Lv.20 (Raticate)
+Thunder Fang-Lv.20 (Raticate)
+Ice Fang-Lv.20 (Raticate)
-Focus Energy-Lv.1 (Raticate)
-Quick Attack-Lv.4 (Raticate)
-Scary Face-Lv.20 (Raticate)
=Quick Attack-Lv.1 (Rattata)
=Focus Energy-Lv.4 (Both)
=Bite-Lv.7 (Both)
=Pursuit-Lv.10 (Both)
=Hyper Fang-Lv.13 (Both)
=Sucker Punch-Lv.16 (Both)

Spearow, Fearow
+Quick Attack-Lv.15 (Both)
+Steel Wing-Lv.33 (Spearow), 41 (Fearow)
+Brave Bird-Lv.41 (Spearow), 53 (Fearow)
+Sky Attack-Lv.45 (Spearow), 59 (Fearow)
=Roost-Lv.20 (Both)

Ekans, Arbok
+Poison Fang-Lv.20 (Both)
+Beat Up-Lv.46 (Ekans), 62 (Arbok)
-Acid-Lv.20 (Both)
-Poison Sting-Lv.1 (Arbok)
-Bite-Lv.1 (Arbok)

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu
+Volt Tackle-Lv.21 (Pichu), 34 (Pikachu), 51 (Raichu)
+Charge-Lv.18 (Pikachu)
+Thunder Wave-Lv.11 (Raichu)
+ThunderPunch-Lv.21 (Raichu)
+Signal Beam-Lv.31 (Raichu)
+Fake Out-Lv.41 (Raichu)
+Thunder-Lv.61 (Raichu)
=Thunder-Lv.50 (Pikachu)

Sandshrew, Sandslash
+Magnitude-Lv.21 (Both)
+Night Slash-Lv.33 (Sandshrew), 45 (Sandslash)
+Iron Tail-Lv.44 (Sandshrew), 64 (Sandslash)
+Earthquake-Lv.47 (Sandshrew), 69 (Sandslash)
-Slash-Lv.33 (Sandshrew), 45 (Sandslash)
=All moves past Magnitude and before Night Slash barring Crush Claw on Sandslash move up a slot (Both)
=All moves after Night Slash and before Sandstorm move up a slot (Both)
=Sandstorm-Lv.40 (Sandshrew), 57 (Sandslash)

Nidoran ♀, Nidorina, Nidoqueen
+Poison Jab-Lv.31 (Nidoqueen)
+Earthquake-Lv.41 (Nidoqueen)
+Outrage-Lv.51 (Nidoqueen)
=Body Slam-Lv.21 (Nidoqueen)
=Superpower-Lv.61 (Nidoqueen)
-Earth Power-Lv.41 (Nidoqueen)

Nidoran ♂, Nidorino, Nidoking
+Poison Jab-Lv.31 (Nidoking)
+Earthquake-Lv.41 (Nidoking)
+Outrage-Lv.51 (Nidoking)
=Trash-Lv.21 (Nidoking)
=Megahorn-Lv.61 (Nidoking)
-Earth Power-Lv.41 (Nidoking)

Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable
+Metronome-Lv.21 (Cleffa)
+Wish-Lv.11 (Clefable)
+Cosmic Power-Lv.21 (Clefable)
+Psychic-Lv.31 (Clefable)
+Hyper Voice-Lv.41 (Clefable)
+Double-Edge-Lv.51 (Clefable)
+Zen Headbutt-Lv.61 (Clefable)

Vulpix, Ninetales
+Hypnosis-Lv.11 (Ninetales)
+Curse-Lv.21 (Ninetales)
+Extrasensory-Lv.31 (Ninetales)
+Shadow Ball-Lv.41 (Ninetales)
+Dark Pulse-Lv.51 (Ninetales)
+Flamethrower-Lv.61 (Ninetales)

Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff
+Metronome-Lv.21 (Igglybuff)
+Bounce-Lv.11 (Wigglytuff)
+Wish-Lv.21 (Wigglytuff)
+Shadow Ball-Lv.31 (Wigglytuff)
+Hyper Voice-Lv.41 (Wigglytuff)
+Pain Split-Lv.51 (Wigglytuff)
+Magic Coat-Lv.61 (Wigglytuff)

Zubat, Golbat, Crobat
+Hypnosis-Lv.15 (All)
+Brave Bird-Lv.45 (Zubat), 57 (Golbat, Crobat)

Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom
+Sunny Day-Lv.21 (Vileplume)
+Weather Ball-Lv.31 (Vileplume)
+Ingrain-Lv.61 (Vileplume)
+Aromatherapy-Lv.31 (Bellossom)
+Petal Dance-Lv.41 (Bellossom)
+Synthesis-Lv.61 (Bellossom)
=Petal Dance-Lv.41 (Vilelplume)
=Solar Beam-Lv.51 (Vileplume)
=Magical Leaf-Lv.21 (Bellossom)
=Leaf Storm-Lv.51 (Bellossom)

Venonat, Venomoth
+Sludge Bomb-Lv.41 (Venonat), 47 (Venomoth)
+Air Slash-Lv.63 (Venomoth)
-Poison Fang-Lv.41 (Venonat), 47 (Venomoth)

Diglett, Dugtrio
=Tri Attack-Lv.26 (Dugtrio)

Meowth, Persian
+Shadow Claw-Lv.28 (Persian)
+Pay Day-Lv.30 (Persian)
-Fake Out-Lv.1 (Persian)

Psyduck, Golduck
+Muddy Water-Lv.33 (Golduck)
+Psychic-Lv.40 (Psyduck), 44 (Golduck)
-Zen Headbutt-Lv.40 (Psyduck, 44 (Golduck)

Mankey, Primeape
+Mach Punch-Lv.28 (Primeape)
+Thunderpunch-Lv.28 (Primeape)
+Fire Punch-Lv.28 (Primeape)
+Ice Punch-Lv.28 (Primeape)
+DynamicPunch-Lv.65 (Primeape)
-Fling-Lv.1 (Primeape)
-Focus Energy-Lv.1 (Primeape)

Growlithe, Arcanine
+Outrage-Lv.48 (Growlithe)
+Flame Wheel-Lv.11 (Arcanine)
+Crunch-Lv.21 (Arcanine)
+Howl-Lv.31 (Arcanine)
+Morning Sun-Lv.51 (Arcanine)
+Iron Head-Lv.61 (Arcanine)
=Flare Blitz-Lv.51 (Growlithe)
=Extremespeed-Lv.41 (Arcanine)

Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath
+Waterfall-Lv.31 (Poliwrath)
+Close Combat-Lv.61 (Poliwrath)
+Hydro Pump-Lv.61 (Politoed)
=Dynamicpunch-Lv.41 (Poliwrath)
=Mind Reader-Lv.51 (Poliwrath)
=Swagger-Lv.31 (Politoed)
=Bounce-Lv.41 (Politoed)
=Hyper Voice-Lv.51 (Politoed)

Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam
+Hidden Power-Lv.5 (All)
+Aura Sphere-Lv.50 (Alakazam)
+Psycho Boost-Lv.54 (Alakazam)
=Kinesis-Lv.38 (Kadabra, Alakazam)

Machop, Machoke, Machamp
+Rock Throw-Lv.16 (All)
+Rock Slide-Lv.49 (Machop), 55 (Machoke, Machamp)
+Close Combat-Lv.52 (Machop), 59 (Machoke, Machamp)

Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel
+Power Whip-Lv.51 (Bellsprout, Weepinbell)
+Ingrain-Lv.31 (Victreebel)
+Synthesis-Lv.61 (Victreebel)
=Razor Leaf-Lv.21 (Victreebel)
=Leaf Blade-Lv.41 (Victreebel)
=Leaf Storm-Lv.51 (Victreebel)

Tentacool, Tentacruel
+Muddy Water-Lv.40 (Tentacool), 49 (Tentacruel)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.47 (Tentacool), 62 (Tentacruel)

Ponyta, Rapidash
+Triple Kick-Lv.42 (Ponyta), 47 (Rapidash)
-Fire Spin-Lv.24 (Both)
=Bounce-Lv.24 (Both)

Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone
+Flash Cannon-Lv.57 (Magnemite), Lv.64 (Magneton, Magnezone)
-Supersonic-Lv.1 (Magnezone)
=Tri Attack-Lv.30 (Magneton)

+Close Combat-Lv.28
+Psycho Cut-Lv.40
+Leaf Blade-Lv.43
+Brave Bird-Lv.46
-Air Cutter-Lv.21
-Air Slash-Lv.37
=Fury Cutter-Lv.4
=Knock Off-Lv.10
=Swords Dance-Lv.22
=Night Slash-Lv.31
=False Swipe-Lv.34
=Poison Jab-Lv.37

Doduo, Dodrio
=Double Hit-Lv.31 (Doduo)

Seel, Dewgong
-Growl-Lv.1 (Dewgong)

Grimer, Muk
+Shadow Punch-Lv.25 (Both)

Shellder, Cloyster
+Spike Cannon-Lv.13 (Shellder)
+Rock Blast-Lv.13 (Shellder), 31 (Cloyster)
+Clamp-Lv.51 (Cloyster)
+Icicle Spear-Lv.61 (Cloyster)
=Spikes-Lv.11 (Cloyster)
=Toxic Spikes-Lv.21 (Cloyster)
=Spike Cannon-Lv.41 (Cloyster)

Gastly, Haunter, Gengar
+Sludge-Lv.22 (All)
+Poison Jab-Lv.25 (Haunter, Gengar)
+Sludge Bomb-Lv.40 (Gastly), 50 (Haunter, Gengar)
-Sucker Punch-Lv.22 (All)
-Destiny Bond-Lv.40 (Gastly), 50 (Haunter, Gengar)

Onix, Steelix
-Mud Sport Lv.1 (Steelix)

Krabby, Kingler
=Crabhammer-Lv.31 (Krabby), 37 (Kingler)
=Guillotine-Lv.41 (Krabby), 56 (Kingler)

Voltorb, Electrode
+Discharge-Lv.40 (Voltorb), 46 (Electrode)
+Thunderbolt-Lv.47 (Voltrob), 57 (Electrode)
=Gyro Ball-Lv.43 (Voltorb), 51 (Electrode)
=Explosion-Lv.51 (Voltorb), 62 (Electrode)
=Mirror Coat-Lv.54 (Voltorb), 68 (Mirror Coat)

Exeggcute, Exeggutor
+Psycho Boost-Lv.61 (Exeggutor)
=Barrage-Lv.11 (Exeggutor)
=Stomp-Lv.21 (Exeggutor)
=Egg Bomb-Lv.31 (Exeggutor)
=Wood Hammer-Lv.41 (Exeggutor)
=Leaf Storm-Lv.51 (Exeggutor)

Tyrogue, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop
+Triple Kick-Lv.45 (Hitmonlee)
+Shadow Punch-Lv.36 (Hitmonchan)
+Low Kick-Lv.10 (Tyrogue)
+Hi Jump Kick-Lv.60 (Hitmontop)
=Endure-Lv.49 (Hitmonlee)
=Mega Kick-Lv.53 (Hitmonlee)
=Close Combat-61 (Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan)
=Reversal-Lv.61 (Hitmonlee)
=Sky Uppercut-Lv.41 (Hitmonchan)
=Mega Punch-Lv.46 (Hitmonchan)
=Detect-Lv.51 (Hitmonchan)
=Counter-Lv.56 (Hitmonchan)

Koffing, Weezing
+Gunk Shot-Lv.55 (Koffing), 70 (Weezing)

Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior
=Stone Edge-Lv.37 (All)
=Earthquake-Lv.45 (All)
=Megahorn-Lv.49 (All)
=Horn Drill-Lv.57 (All)

Happiny, Chansey, Blissey
+Metronome-Lv.15 (Happiny)
+Seismic Toss-Lv.18 (Happiny)

Horsea, Seadra, Kingdra
+Muddy Water-Lv.35 (Horsea), 40 (Seadra, Kingdra)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.45 (Horsea), 65 (Seadra, Kingdra)

Staryu, Starmie
+Confusion-Lv.11 (Starmie)
+Muddy Water-Lv.31 (Starmie)
+Psychic-Lv.41 (Starmie)
+Surf-Lv.51 (Starmie)
+Psycho Boost-Lv.61 (Starmie)
=Confuse Ray-Lv.21 (Starmie)

Mime Jr., Mr. Mime
-Guard Swap-Lv.1

Smoochum, Jynx
+Psychic-Lv.49 (Jynx)
=Perish Song-Lv.55 (Jynx)
=Blizzard-Lv.60 (Jynx)

Elekid, Electabuzz, Electivire
+Volt Tackle-Lv.52 (Elekid), 67 (Electabuzz), 73 (Electivire)
+Ice Punch-Lv.1 (Electivire)
+Cross Chop-Lv.1 (Electivire)

Magby, Magmar, Magmortar
+Magma Storm-Lv.52 (Magby), 61 (Magmar), 73 (Magmortar)

+Night Slash-Lv.47

=Giga Impact-Lv.63

Magikarp, Gyarados
+Bubble-Lv.10 (Magikarp)
+Bounce-Lv.20 (Magikarp)
+Crunch-Lv.41 (Gyarados)
+Outrage-Lv.51 (Gyarados)
=Tackle-Lv.1 (Magikarp)
=Flail-Lv.15 (Magikarp)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.44 (Gyarados)
=Dragon Dance-Lv.47 (Gyarados)
=Hyper Beam-Lv.53 (Gyarados)

Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon
+Flame Wheel-Lv.36 (Flareon)
+Flare Blitz-Lv.71 (Flareon)
+Sacred Fire-Lv.78 (Flareon)
+Aurora Beam-Lv.36 (Glaceon)
+Ice Beam-Lv.43 (Glaceon)
-Fire Spin-Lv.36 (Flareon)
-Fire Blast-Lv.71 (Flareon)
-Lava Plume-Lv.78 (Flareon)
-Ice Shard-Lv.36 (Glaceon)
-Ice Fang-Lv.43 (Glaceon)

Omanyte, Omastar
+Muddy Water-Lv.37 (Both)
=Ancientpower-Lv.43 (Omanyte), 48 (Omastar)
=Tickle-Lv.46 (Omanyte), 56 (Tickle)
=Rock Blast-Lv.52 (Omanyte), 67 (Omastar)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.55 (Omanyte), 75 (Omastar)

Munchlax, Snorlax
+Selfdestruct-Lv.1 (Munchlax)
+Seed Bomb-Lv.49 (Snorlax)
=Giga Impact-Lv.52 (Snorlax)

+Air Slash-Lv.50

+Air Slash-Lv.50
-Light Screen-Lv.64

Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite
+Extremespeed-Lv.55 (Dratini), 67 (Dragonair), 73 (Dragonite)
-Twister-Lv.1 (Dragonite)
=Hyper Beam-Lv.61 (Dratini), 73 (Dragonair), 82 (Dragonite)

Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium
+Leaf Storm-Lv.48 (Chikorita), 58 (Bayleef), 72 (Meganium)

Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion
+Extrasensory-Lv.40 (Cyndaquil), 46 (Quilava, Typhlosion)
=Rollout-Lv.46 (Cyndaquil), 53 (Quilava, Typhlosion)
=Double-Edge-Lv.49 (Cyndaquil), 57 (Quilava, Typhlosion)
=Eruption-Lv.55 (Cyndaquil), 64 (Quilava, Typhlosion)

Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr
+Dragon Dance-Lv.43 (Totodile), Lv.53 (Croconaw), Lv.63 (Feraligatr)
+Ice Punch-Lv.30 (Feraligatr)
=Superpower-Lv.48 (Totodile), Lv.57 (Croconaw), 71 (Feraligatr)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.50 (Totodile), Lv.60 (Croconaw), 76 (Feraligatr)

Sentret, Furret
+Dizzy Punch-Lv.15 (Furret)

Hoothoot, Noctowl
+Psychic-Lv.53 (Hoothoot), 62 (Noctowl)

Ledyba, Ledian
+Fire Punch-Lv.18 (Ledian)
+Ice Punch-Lv.18 (Ledian)
+Thunderpunch-Lv.18 (Ledian)

Chinchou, Lanturn
+Thunder-Lv.48 (Chinchou), 62 (Lanturn)

Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss
+Magical Leaf-Lv.1 (Togekiss)
+Metronome-Lv.1 (Togekiss)
+Ancientpower-Lv.11 (Togekiss)
+Heat Wave-Lv.21 (Togekiss)
=Air Slash-Lv.31 (Togekiss)
=Extremespeed-Lv.41 (Togekiss)
=Aura Sphere-Lv.51 (Togekiss)
=Sky Attack-Lv.61 (Togekiss)

Natu, Xatu
+Air Cutter-Lv.15 (Both)

Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos
+Zap Cannon-Lv.50 (Mareep), 58 (Flaaffy), 76 (Ampharos)’

Azurill, Marill, Azumarill,
+Body Slam-Lv.27 (Marill), 33 (Azumarill)
+Ice Punch-Lv.18 (Azumarill)
=Bubble-Lv.1 (Azurill)
=Double-Edge-Lv.42 (Marill), 54 (Azumarill)
=Hydro Pump-Lv.47 (Marill), 61 (Azumarill)

Bonsly, Sudowoodo
+Stone Edge-Lv.52 (Sudowoodo)

Yanma, Yanmega
-Double Team-Lv.1 (Yanmega)

Wooper, Quagsire
+Aqua Tail-Lv.51 (Wooper), 59 (Quagsire)
+Ice Punch-Lv.20 (Quagsire)

Murkrow, Honchkrow
+Sky Attack-Lv.51 (Murkrow)
+Faint Attack-Lv.11 (Honchkrow)
+Air Slash-Lv.61 (Honchkrow)
=Swagger-Lv.21 (Honchkrow)
=Nasty Plot-Lv.31 (Honchkrow)
=Night Slash-Lv.41 (Honchkrow)
=Dark Pulse-Lv.51 (Honchkrow)

Misdreavus, Mismagius
+Dark Pulse-Lv.55 (Misdreavus)
+Pain Split-Lv.21 (Mismagius)
+Ominous Wind-Lv.31 (Mismagius)
+Psych Up-Lv.41 (Mismagius)
+Shadow Ball-Lv.51 (Mismagius)
+Nasty Plot-Lv.61 (Mismagius)
=Magical Leaf-Lv.11 (Mismagius)

Pineco, Forretress
=Bug Bite-Lv.6 (Both)
=Take Down-Lv.9 (Both)
=Rapid Spin-Lv.9 (Both)
=Bide-Lv.17 (Both)
=Selfdestruct-Lv.20 (Both)
-Selfdestruct-Lv.1 (Forretress)


Gligar, Gliscor
+Night Slash-Lv.31 (Gligar)
+Earthquake-Lv.49 (Both)
-Slash-Lv.31 (Gligar)
-Knock Off-Lv.1 (Gliscor)

Snubbull, Granbull
+Close Combat-Lv.54 (Snubbull), 67 (Granbull)

Sneasel, Weavile
+Night Slash-Lv.35 (Sneasel)
+Ice Punch-Lv.57 (Weavile)
-Slash-Lv.35 (Sneasel)

Swinub, Piloswine, Mamoswine
=Ancientpower-Lv.44 (Piloswine, Mamoswine)

+Icy Wind-Lv.11
+Quick Attack-Lv.16
+Aerial Ace-Lv.21
+Fake Out-Lv.26
+Ice Punch-Lv.31
+Ice Shard-Lv.41

+Iron Head-Lv.48

Houndour, Houndoom
+Dark Pulse-Lv.58 (Houndour), 66 (Houndoom)

Phanpy, Donphan
+Seed Bomb-Lv.46 (Phanpy), 54 (Seed Bomb)
=Giga Impact-Lv.62 (Donphan)


+Iron Head-Lv.62

+Weather Ball-Lv.26
+Aura Sphere-Lv.66
+Zap Cannon-Lv.81
=Quick Attack-Lv.16
=Thunder Fang-Lv.41
=Rain Dance-Lv.61
=Calm Mind-Lv.71

+Crush Claw-Lv.66
+Flare Blitz-Lv.81
=Fire Spin-Lv.16
=Fire Fang-Lv.41
=Lava Plume-Lv.46
=Fire Blast-Lv.61
=Calm Mind-Lv.71

+Aqua Ring-Lv.51
+Air Slash-Lv.66
+Sheer Cold-Lv.81
=Rain Dane-Lv.11
=Aurora Beam-Lv.26
=Mirror Coat-Lv.36
=Ice Fang-Lv.41
=Hydro Pump-Lv.61
=Calm Mind-Lv.71

Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar
+Dragon Dance-Lv.50 (Larvitar), 60 (Pupitar), 70 (Tyranitar)
+Outrage-Lv.54 (Larvitar), 67 (Pupitar), 78 (Tyranitar)
+Giga Impact-Lv.61 (Larvitar), 73 (Pupitar), 86 (Tyranitar)
-Hyper Beam-Lv.50 (Larvitar), 60 (Pupitar), 70 (Tyranitar)
-Screech-Lv.1 (Tyranitar)

+Frenzy Plant-Lv.100

Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile
+Wood Hammer-Lv.51 (Treecko)
+Power Whip-Lv.59 (Grovyle), 67 (Sceptile)
+Dragon Claw-Lv.36 (Sceptile)
-Energy Ball-Lv.51 (Treecko)
-Leaf Storm-Lv.59 (Grovyle), 67 (Sceptile)

Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken
+Thunderpunch-Lv.1 (Blaziken)

Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert
+Magnitude-Lv.16 (Marshtomp, Swampert)
+Ice Punch-Lv.36 (Swampert)
+Double-Edge-Lv.51 (Mudkip), 59 (Marshtomp), 73 (Swampert)
-Mud Shot-Lv.16 (Marshtomp, Swampert)

Poochyena, Mightyena
+Poison Fang-Lv.18 (Mightyena)
+Fire Fang-Lv.18 (Mightyena)
+Thunder Fang-Lv.18 (Mightyena)
+Ice Fang-Lv.18 (Mightyena)
+Crunch-Lv.62 (Mightyena)
-Sand-Attack Lv.1 (Mightyena)
-Bite-Lv.1 (Mightyena)
-Sucker Punch-Lv.62 (Mightyena)

Zigzagoon, Linoone
+Rock Climb-Lv.49 (Zigzagoon), 62 (Linoone)
+Extremespeed-Lv.68 (Linoone)

Wurmple, Silcoon, Beautifly, Cascoon, Dustox
+Protect-Lv.10 (Silcoon, Cascoon)
+Air Cutter-Lv.13 (Beautifly, Dustox)
+Air Slash-Lv.45 (Beautifly)
+Sludge Bomb-Lv.45 (Dustox)
=Poison Sting-Lv.1 (Wurmple)
=Bug Bite-Lv.6 (Wurmple)
-Gust-Lv.13 (Beautifly, Dustox)

Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo
+Water Gun-Lv.1 (Lotad, Lombre)
+Uproar-Lv.21 (Ludicolo)
+Teeter Dance-Lv.31 (Ludicolo)
+Energy Ball-Lv.41 (Ludicolo)
+Surf-Lv.51 (Ludicolo)
+Leaf Storm-Lv.61 (Ludicolo)

Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry
+Bullet Seed-Lv.1 (Seedot, Nuzleaf)
+Razor Wind-Lv.21 (Shiftry)
+Fury Cutter-Lv.31 (Shiftry)
+Night Slash-Lv.41 (Shiftry)
+Wood Hammer-Lv.51 (Shiftry)
+Synthesis-Lv.61 (Shiftry)
=Razor Leaf-Lv.14 (Nuzleaf)
-Leaf Storm-Lv.49 (Shiftry)

Taillow, Swellow
+Brave Bird-Lv.53 (Taillow), 61 (Swellow)
-Air Slash-Lv.53 (Taillow), 61 (Swellow)

Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade
=Psychic-Lv.30 (Kirlia, Gardevoir)
=Psycho Cut-Lv.30 (Gallade)
=Leaf Blade-Lv.30 (Gallade)
=Night Slash-Lv.30 (Gallade)

Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking
+Giga Impact-Lv.67 (Slaking)

Nincada, Ninjask, Shedinja
+Night Slash-Lv.31 (Ninjask)
+Bug Buzz-Lv.66 (Shedinja)
-Slash-Lv.31 (Ninjask)

Whismr, Loudred, Exploud
-Howl-Lv.1 (Exploud)

Nosepass, Probopass
+Earthquake-Lv.79 (Both)
-Earth Power-Lv.79 (Both)

Skitty, Delcatty
+Headbutt-Lv.11 (Delcatty)
+Faint Attack-Lv.21 (Delcatty)
+Wake-Up Slap-Lv.31 (Delcatty)
+Zen Headbutt-Lv.41 (Delcatty)
+Heal Bell-Lv.51 (Delcatty)
+Double-Edge-Lv.61 (Delcatty)

Meditite, Medicham
+Psychic-Lv.62 (Medicham)
+Aura Sphere-Lv.68 (Medicham)
-Confusion-Lv.1 (Medicham)
-Detect-Lv.1 (Medicham)
-Meditate-Lv.1 (Medicham)

+Air Slash-Lv.49

+Air Slash-Lv.49

Budew, Roselia, Roserade
+Spikes-Lv.1 (Roserade)
+Toxic Spikes-Lv.1 (Roserade)
+Razor Leaf-Lv.11 (Roserade)
+Sludge Bomb-Lv.31 (Roserade)
+Mind Reader-Lv.41 (Roserade)
+Synthesis-Lv.51 (Roserade)
+Leaf Storm-Lv.61 (Roserade)
=Weather Ball-Lv.21 (Roserade)
-Mega Drain-Lv.1 (Roserade)
-Sweet Scent-Lv.1 (Roserade)

Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon
+Outrage-Lv.65 (Vibrava, Flygon)
+Earthquake-Lv.73 (Vibrava, Flygon)
+Dragon Dance-Lv.45 (Flygon)

+Icy Wind-Lv.1
+Ice Beam-Lv.23

+Fire Blast-Lv.45
=Rock Slide-Lv.53

Feebas, Milotic
+Bubble-Lv.10 (Feebas)
+Hypnosis-Lv.20 (Feebas)
+Hydro Cannon-Lv.51 (Milotic)
=Tackle-Lv.1 (Feebas)
=Flail-Lv.15 (Feebas)

Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir
-Disable-Lv.1 (Dusclops, Dusknoir)

Chingling, Chimecho
+Psybeam-Lv.25 (Chingling)
+Psychic-Lv.54 (Chimecho)

Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss)
+Water Pulse-Lv.20 (Clamperl)
+Water Spout-Lv.40 (Clamperl)
+Surf-Lv.46 (Gorebyss)
-Aqua Tail-Lv.46 (Gorebyss)

+Hydro Cannon-Lv.57

Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence
+Dragon Dance-Lv.43 (Bagon), 47 (Shelgon, Salamence)
+Outrage-Lv.61 (Bagon), 68 (Shelgon), 80 (Salamence)
-Headbutt-Lv.1 (Salamence)
-Leer-Lv.1 (Salamence)

Beldum, Metang, Metagross
+Zen Headbutt-Lv.1 (All)
+Iron Defense-Lv.1 (All)
+Iron Head-Lv.1 (All)
+Ice Punch-Lv.40 (Metang, Metagross)
+Rock Slide-Lv.52 (Metang), 62 (Metagross)
-Iron Defense-Lv.40 (Metang, Metagross)
-Zen Headbutt-Lv.52 (Metang), 62 (Metagross)

=Healing Wish-Lv.35
=Mist Ball-Lv.60

=Luster Purge-Lv.60

+Aura Sphere-Lv.75

Deoxys (All Formes)
+Psybeam-Lv.17 (Normal, Defense, and Attack Formes)
-Teleport-Lv.17 (Normal, Defense, and Attack Formes)

Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra
+Seed Bomb-Lv.45 (Turtwig), 52 (Grotle), 57 (Torterra)
+Superpower-Lv.49 (Turtwig), 57 (Grotle), 63 (Torterra)
+Double-Edge-Lv.53 (Turtwig), 62 (Grotle), 69 (Torterra)
=Withdraw-Lv.1 (Turtwig)
=Absorb-Lv.5 (All)
-Withdraw-Lv. 5 (Grotle, Torterra)
-Absorb-Lv.1 (Torterra)
-Leaf Storm-Lv.45 (Turtwig), 52 (Grotle), 57 (Torterra)

Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape
+Tackle-Lv.1 (All)
+Fire Punch-Lv.36 (Infernape)
+Thunderpunch-Lv.36 (Infernape)
+Bulk Up-Lv.53 (Infernape)
=Ember-Lv.5 (All)
-Scratch-Lv.1 (All)
-Calm Mind-Lv. 53 (Infernape)

Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon
+Tackle-Lv.1 (Piplup)
+Aurora Beam-Lv.29 (Piplup), 33 (Prinplup, Empoleon)
+Icy Wind-Lv.16 (Prinplup, Empoleon)
+Ice Shard-Lv.36 (Empoleon)
=Growl-Lv.1 (Piplup)
=Bubble-Lv.5 (All)
-Pound-Lv.1 (Piplup)
-Growl-Lv.4 (Prinplup, Empoleon)
-Brine-Lv.29 (Piplup), 33 (Prinplup, Empoleon)
-Metal Claw-Lv.16 (Prinplup, Empoleon)
-Aqua Jet-Lv.36 (Empoleon)

Starly, Staravia, Staraptor
+Double-Edge-Lv.41 (Starly), 48 (Staravia), 57 (Staraptor)

Bidoof, Bibarel
+Double-Edge-Lv.49 (Bidoof), 58 (Bibarel)
+Water Pulse-Lv.15 (Bibarel)
+Aqua Tail-Lv.38 (Bibarel)
-Water Gun-Lv.15 (Bibarel)
-Take Down-Lv.38 (Bibarel)

Kricketot, Kricketune
=Bug Bite-Lv.5 (Kricketot)

Shinx, Luxio, Luxray
+Fire Fang-Lv.35 (Luxray)
+Ice Fang-Lv.35 (Luxray)
+Volt Tackle-Lv. 45 (Shinx), 53 (Luxio), 63 (Luxray)

Cranidos, Rampardos
+Iron Head-Lv.48 (Cranidos), 60 (Rampardos)

Shieldon, Bastiodon
+Power Trick-Lv.48 (Shieldon), 60 (Bastiodon)

Burmy, Wormadam (All Cloaks), Mothim
+Frenzy Plant-Lv.50 (Wormadam [Plant Cloak])
+Earth Power-Lv.47 (Wormadam [Sandy Cloak])
+Metal Burst-Lv.50 (Wormadam [Trash Cloak])
+Tailwind-Lv.50 (Mothim)
=Tackle-Lv.1 (Burmy)
=Protect-Lv.10 (Burmy)
=Fissure-Lv.50 (Wormadam [Sand Cloak])

Combee, Vespiquen
+Bug Buzz-Lv.45 (Vespiquen)
=Bug Bite-Lv.10 (Combee)

+Light Screen-Lv.45

Buizel, Floatzel
+Waterfall-Lv.55 (Buizel), 62 (Floatzel)
+Ice Punch-Lv.26 (Floatzel)

Cherubi, Cherrim
+Weather Ball-Lv.25 (Cherrim)

Shellos, Gastrodon
+Earth Power-Lv.55 (Shellos), 67 (Gastrodon)

Drifloon, Drifblim
+Fly-Lv.28 (Drifblim)

Buneary, Lopunny
+Return-Lv.13 (Buneary)
+Hi Jump Kick-Lv.60 (Buneary, Lopunny
-Frustration-Lv.13 (Buneary)

Bronzor, Bronzong
+Iron Head-Lv.60 (Bronzor), 77 (Bronzong)

+Sky Attack-Lv.49

Gible, Gabite, Garchomp
+Earthquake-Lv.43 (Gible), 56 (Gabite), 62 (Garchomp)
+Outrage-Lv.49 (Gible), 65 (Gabite), 70 (Garchomp)

Skorupi, Drapion
+X-Scissor-Lv.40 (Drapion)

Croagunk, Toxicroak
+Close Combat-Lv.50 (Croagunk), 62 (Toxicroak)

+Night Slash-Lv.51

Finneon, Lumineon
+Air Slash-Lv.66 (Lumineon)

Snover, Abomasnow
+Leech Seed-Lv.15 (Both)

+Metal Burst-Lv.40
+Power Gem-Lv.50
+Dragon Pulse-Lv.60
=Roar of Time-Lv.70
=Earth Power-Lv.80
=Flash Cannon-Lv.90
=Aura Sphere-Lv.100
-Heal Block-Lv.50

+Power Gem-Lv.50
+Dragon Pulse-Lv.60
+Hydro Pump-Lv.100
=Aqua Tail-Lv.40
=Spacial Rend-Lv.70
=Earth Power-Lv.80
=Aura Sphere-Lv.90
-Heal Block-Lv.50

Giratina (Both Formes)
+Shadow Sneak-Lv.40
+Dragon Pulse-Lv.60
+Dark Pulse-Lv.100
=Shadow Claw-Lv.50
=Shadow Force-Lv.70
=Earth Power-Lv.80
=Aura Sphere-Lv.100
-Heal Block-Lv.50

=Lunar Dance-Lv.93

+Roar of Time-Lv.64
+Spacial Rend-Lv.73
+Shadow Force-Lv.82
=Earth Power-Lv.19
=Hyper Voice-Lv.28
=Future Sight-Lv.55
-Hyper Beam-Lv.80
-Perish Song-Lv.90

Download Pokemon Flawless Platinum
by Draknir

Pokemon Origin Platinum Pokemon Locations

Pokemon Origin Platinum

Pokemon Origin Platinum – Pokemon Locations
Every non-legendary pokemon can be obtained before the elite four and no pokemon requires trading, events, or any outside source to obtain or evolve. The following list includes legendary locations and pre-national dex normal pokemon locations. Non-legendary pokemon in the post-national dex island and turnback cave have not been documented, as these areas have been unchanged except for legendaries. All legendary pokemon are 1% chance unless triggered by an event or stated otherwise. Pokeradar pokemon have been unchanged everywhere except Trophy Garden, so use Serebii if you plan on using Pokeradar. Daily Binocular pokemon in Great Marsh, as well as post-national dex Trophy Garden pokemon are unchanged, so also use Serebii if you plan on using these features.
Bulbasaur – Eterna Forest
Ivysaur – Evolve Bulbasaur
Venusaur – Evolve Ivysaur
Charmander – Route 211 west
Charmeleon – Evolve Charmander
Charizard – Evolve Charmeleon
Squirtle – Route 204 south of cave
Wartortle – Evolve Squirtle
Blastoise – Evolve Wartortle
Caterpie – Route 204 South, Eterna Forest
Metapod – Evolve Caterpie
Butterfree – Evolve Metapod
Weedle – Route 204 South, Eterna Forest
Kakuna – Evolve Weedle
Beedrill – Evolve Kakuna
Pidgey – Route 201, 202
Pidgeotto – Evolve Pidgey
Pidgeot – Evolve Pidgeotto
Rattata – Route 201, 205
Raticate – Evolve Rattata
Spearow – Route 203, 207
Fearow – Evolve Spearow
Ekans – Route 212 south
Arbok – Great Marsh, Evolve Ekans
Pikachu – Valley Windworks, Evolve Pichu
Raichu – Evolve Pikachu
Sandshrew – Wayward cave
Sandslash – Evolve Sandshrew
NidoranF – Route 201
Nidorina – Route 218, 221, Evolve Nidoran F
Nidoqueen – Evolve Nidorina
Nidoran M – Route 201
Nidorino – Route 218, 221, Evolve Nidoran M
Nidoking – Evolve Nidorino
Clefairy – Mt. Coronet, Evolve Cleffa
Clefable – Evolve Clefairy
Vulpix – Route 209, 214
Ninetales – Evolve Vulpix
Jigglypuff – Mt. Coronet, Evolve Igglybuff
Wigglytuff – Evolve Jigglypuff
Zubat – Caves, various routes at night. Hasn’t changed much so check Pokedex
Golbat – Various caves. Hasn’t changed much so check Pokedex. Evolve Zubat
Oddish – Night at Route 206, 205 south, 204
Gloom – Evolve Oddish
Vileplume – Evolve Gloom
Paras – Great marsh
Parasect – Evolve Paras
Venonat – Night at Route 205, 206
Venomoth – Evolve Venonat
Diglett – Wayward Cave
Dugtrio – Evolve Diglett
Meowth – Route 207
Persian – Evolve Meowth
Psyduck – Various surf locations and caves. First places you will be able to encounter without surfing are Ravaged Path and Oreburgh Gate. Hasn’t changed much so check pokedex
Golduck – Also found in various surf locations and caves. Hasn’t changed much so check pokedex. Evolve Psyduck
Mankey – Route 211 east
Primeape – Evolve Mankey
Growlithe – Route 201, 202, 221
Arcanine – Evolve Growlithe
Poliwag – Fish in any route from Twinleaf Town to Eterna City
Poliwhirl – Evolve Poliwag
Poliwrath – Evolve Poliwhirl
Abra – Route 203, 215
Kadabra – Route 215, Evolve Abra
Alakazam – Evolve Kadabra
Machop – Route 206, 207, 210 North Mt. Coronet
Machoke – Route 210 North, 211 East, Mt. Coronet, Evolve Machop
Machamp – Evolve Machoke
Bellsprout – Route 205(After Eterna Forest), 207
Weepinbell – Route 210, Evolve Bellsprout
Victreebel – Evolve Weepinbell
Tentacool – Common Surf pokemon. Hasn’t changed much so check pokedex
Tentacruel – Surf pokemon found in most of the same places as Tentacool. Also check pokedex. Evolve Tentacool
Geodude – Caves
Graveler – Found in a few caves and routes. Hasn’t changed much so check pokedex. Evolve Geodude
Golem – Evolve Graveler
Ponyta – Route 206, 207, 210 South
Rapidash – Evolve Ponyta
Slowpoke – Common surf pokemon between Twinleaf Town and Eterna City. Can be found in grass on route 205
Slowbro – Evolve Slowpoke
Magnemite – Route 222, Fuego Ironworks
Magneton – Victory Road, Evolve Magnemite
Farfetch’d – Route 210 North, 221
Doduo – Route 201, 208
Dodrio – Evolve Doduo
Seel – Lake Acuity surf and grass
Dewgong – Victory Road, Evolve Seel
Grimer – Route 212 south
Muk – Evolve Grimer
Shellder – Fish at Lake Acuity
Cloyster – Evolve Shellder
Ghastly – Old Chateau, Lost Tower
Haunter – Evolve Ghastly
Gengar – Evolve Haunter
Onix – Oreburgh Mine, Wayward Cave, Iron Island, Victory Road
Drowzee – Route 215
Hypno – Evolve Drowzee
Krabby – Fish in Route 213, 218, 219. Grass in Route 213. Sunyshore with Old/Good Rod.
Kingler – Evolve Krabby
Voltorb – Fuego Ironworks
Electrode – Evolve Voltorb
Exeggcute – Great Marsh
Exeggutor – Evolve Exeggcute
Cubone – Night at Route 203, 208, anytime in Lost Tower
Marowak – Victory Road, Evolve Cubone
Hitmonlee – Evolve Tyrogue
Hitmonchan – Evolve Tyrogue
Lickitung – Route 215
Koffing – Oreburgh Mine, Route 212 South
Weezing – Evolve Koffing
Rhyhorn – Route 214, Victory Road
Rhydon – Victory Road, Evolve Rhyhorn
Chansey – Route 209, 215, Evolve Happiny
Tangela – Route 210 South, Great Marsh
Kangaskhan – Great Marsh
Horsea – Fish in Route 220, 223
Seadra – Evolve Horsea
Goldeen – Fish in various places. Earliest: Twinleaf Town, Lake Verity, Route 204
Seaking – Rare fish at most of the places where Goldeen can be caught. Mostly unchanged, check pokedex. Evolve Goldeen
Staryu – Fish in any Town/City with water
Starmie – Evolve Staryu
Mr. Mime – Route 218, Evolve Mime Jr.
Scyther – Route 210, 215
Jynx – Route 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront, Evolve Smoochum
Electabuzz – Route 213, 222, Evolve Elekid
Magmar – Fuego Ironworks, Evolve Magby
Pinsir – Route 210, 215
Tauros – Route 209
Magikarp – Fish with Old Rod
Gyarados – Evolve Magikarp
Lapras – Victory Road
Ditto – Route 209
Eevee – Gift from Bebe in Hearthome City, Trophy garden
Vaporeon – Evolve Eevee
Jolteon – Evolve Eevee
Flareon – Evolve Eevee
Porygon – Gift in Veilstone City, Fuego Ironworks
Omanyte – Restore Helix Fossil(Fossils can be bought from Veilstone department store)
Omastar – Evolve Omanyte
Kabuto – Restore Dome Fossil(Fossils can be bought from Veilstone department store)
Kabutops – Evolve Kabuto
Aerodactyl – Restore Old Amber(Fossils can be bought from Veilstone department store)
Snorlax – Evolve Munchlax
Articuno – After receiving National dex, meet professor Oak at Pal Park and then talk to professor Oak in Eterna city. The Legendary Birds will roam Sinnoh
Zapdos – After receiving National dex, meet professor Oak at Pal Park and then talk to professor Oak in Eterna city. The Legendary Birds will roam Sinnoh
Moltres – After receiving National dex, meet professor Oak at Pal Park and then talk to professor Oak in Eterna city. The Legendary Birds will roam Sinnoh
Dratini – Fish behind Waterfall in Mt. Coronet with a super rod, Fish or Surf in the pond in Celestic Town, Fish or Surf outside of Turnback Cave
Dragonair – Fish behind Waterfall in Mt. Coronet with a super rod, Evolve Dratini
Dragonite – Evolve Dragonair
Mewtwo – Stark Mountain middle floor
Mew – Inside Turnback Cave
Chikorita – Eterna Forest
Bayleef – Evolve Chikorita
Meganium – Evolve Bayleef
Cyndaquil – Route 211 West
Quilava – Evolve Cyndaquil
Typhlosion – Evolve Quilava
Totodile – Route 204 South
Croconaw – Evolve Totodile
Feraligatr – Evolve Croconaw
Sentret – Route 202, 203
Furret – Evolve Sentret
Hoothoot – Night at Route 205 North, 210, 211 West, Eterna Forest, Great Marsh
Noctowl – Night at Route 210, Route 211 East, Great Marsh, Mt. Coronet Top, Evolve Hoothoot
Ledyba – Route 202, 204
Ledian – Evolve Ledyba
Spinarak – Eterna Forest, Night at Route 204
Ariados – Evolve Spinarak
Crobat – Evolve Golbat
Chinchou – Fish at Route 220, Valley Windworks, or Fuego Ironworks
Lanturn – Evolve Chinchou
Pichu – Trophy Garden, Breed Pikachu
Cleffa – Mt. Coronet anytime, Trophy Garden at Night
Igglybuff – Mt. Coronet anytime, Trophy Garden at Night
Togepi – Egg given by Cynthia in Eterna, Trophy Garden
Togetic – Evolve Togepi
Natu – Solaceon Ruins
Xatu – Evolve Natu
Mareep – Valley Windworks
Flaaffy – Route 222, Evolve Mareep
Ampharos – Evolve Flaaffy
Bellossom – Evolve Gloom
Marill – Route 212 North, 215, Evolve Azurill
Azumarill – Victory Road, Evolve Marill
Sudowoodo – Route 214, 221
Politoed – Evolve Poliwhirl
Hoppip – Route 205 South
Skiploom – Evolve Hoppip
Jumpluff – Evolve Skiploom
Aipom – Route 204 North, Honey Trees
Sunkern – Route 204 North
Sunflora – Evolve Sunkern
Yanma – Great Marsh
Wooper – Great Marsh
Quagsire – Route 212 South, Great Marsh, Evolve Wooper
Espeon – Evolve Eevee
Umbreon – Evolve Eevee
Murkrow – Night at Eterna Forest, Anytime in Lost Tower
Slowking – Evolve Slowpoke
Misdreavus – Old Chateau, Night at Lost Tower
Unown – Solaceon Ruins
Wobbuffet – Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Lake Verity, Evolve Wynaut
Girafarig – Lake Valor Lakefront, Route 221
Pineco – Route 203, 210 South, Eterna Forest
Forretress – Evolve Pineco
Dunsparce – Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate
Gligar – Route 206
Steelix – Iron Island, Victory Road, Evolve Onix
Snubbull – Route 209
Granbull – Evolve Snubbull
Qwilfish – Fish on Iron Island
Scizor – Evolve Scyther
Shuckle – Route 212
Heracross – Route 211 East, Honey Trees
Sneasel – Route 216, 217, Lake Acuity, Lake Acuity Lakefront
Teddiursa – Route 211 West, Lake Acuity Lakefront
Ursaring – Route 216, 217, Lake Acuity Lakefront
Slugma – Route 206
Magcargo – Evolve Slugma
Swinub – Route 216, 217, Lake Acuity Lakefront
Piloswine – Route 216, 217, Evolve Swinub
Corsola – Surf at Iron Island, Route 220
Remoraid – Fish at Route 212, 213, 222, 223, Pastoria City, Sunyshore City
Octillery – Evolve Remoraid
Delibird – Route 216, 217, Lake Acuity Lakefront
Mantine – Evolve Mantyke
Skarmory – Iron Island, Fuego Ironworks
Houndour – Route 214, Lake Valor Lakefront
Kingdra – Evolve Seadra
Phanpy – Route 207
Donphan – Evolve Phanpy
Porygon2 – Evolve Porygon
Stantler – Route 207, Lake Valor Lakefront
Smeargle – Route 208, 212 North
Tyrogue – Route 208, 211 West
Hitmontop – Evolve Tyrogue
Smoochum – Trophy Garden(Pokeradar), Breed Jynx
Elekid – Trophy Garden(Pokeradar), Breed Electabuzz
Magby – Trophy Garden(Pokeradar), Breed Magmar
Miltank – Route 210 South
Blissey – Evolve Chansey
Raikou – Route 228
Entei – Stark Mountain Outside
Suicune – Surf on Route 225
Larvitar – Route 206
Pupitar – Evolve Larvitar
Tyranitar – Evolve Pupitar
Lugia – Surf on Route 230
Ho-oh – Stark Mountain Outside
Celebi – Route 224
Treecko – Eterna Forest
Grovyle – Evolve Treecko
Sceptile – Evolve Grovyle
Torchic – Route 211 West
Combusken – Evolve Torchic
Blaziken – Evolve Combusken
Mudkip – Route 204 South
Marshtomp – Evolve Mudkip
Swampert – Evolve Marshtomp
Poochyena – Route 214, Lake Valor Lakefront
Mightyena – Evolve Poochyena
Zigzagoon – Route 202, 213
Linoone – Evolve Zigzagoon
Wurmple – Route 204 North, 205 North, Eterna Forest, Honey Trees
Silcoon – Evolve Wurmple
Beautifuly – Evolve Silcoon
Cascoon – Evolve Wurmple
Dustox – Evolve Cascoon
Lotad – Route 203, 204 South, 205 North
Lombre – Route 212 South, Evolve Lotad
Ludicolo – Evolve Lombre
Seedot – Route 203, 205 North
Nuzleaf – Route 212 North, Evolve Seedot
Shiftry – Evolve Nuzleaf
Taillow – Route 207, 208
Swellow – Route 213, Evolve Taillow
Wingull – Surf in various later routes and Cities. Mostly the same, so check Pokedex
Pelipper – Surf in various later routes. Some are the same, so check Pokedex. Evolve Wingull
Ralts – Route 208, 209
Kirlia – Route 212 North, Evolve Ralts
Gardevoir – Evolve Kirlia
Surskit – Grass in Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Surf/Fish in Route 212 North
Masquerain – Evolve Surskit
Shroomish – Route 204 North, 212 North
Breloom – Evolve Shroomish
Slakoth – Route 211 West
Vigoroth – Route 211 East, Evolve Slakoth
Slaking – Evolve Vigoroth
Nincada – Route 205
Ninjask – Evolve Nincada
Shedinja – Evolve Nincada with a pokeball in inventory and an empty space in party
Whismur – Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, Mt. Coronet
Loudred – Evolve Whismur
Exploud – Evolve Loudred
Makuhita – Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate, Oreburgh Mine, Wayward Cave
Hariyama – Victory Road, Evolve Makuhita
Azurill – Trophy Garden
Nosepass – Mt. Coronet
Skitty – Route 213, 222
Delcatty – Evolve Skitty
Sableye – Iron Island
Mawile – Iron Island
Aron – Wayward Cave, Fuego Ironworks
Lairon – Victory Road, Evolve Aron
Aggron – Evolve Lairon
Meditite – Route 210 North, 211, 216, Mt. Coronet
Medicham – Mt. Coronet, Route 217
Electrike – Valley Windworks
Manetric – Evolve Electrike
Plusle – Valley Windworks
Minun – Valley Windworks
Volbeat – Route 214
Illumise – Route 214
Roselia – Route 208, 209, 212 North, 221, Evolve Budew
Gulpin – Route 212 South
Swalot – Evolve Gulpin
Carvanha – Fish in Great Marsh, Iron Island, Route 213, 222
Sharpedo – Evolve Carvanha
Wailmer – Surf Route 223
Wailord – Surf Route 223, Evolve Wailmer
Numel – Route 206
Camerupt – Evolve Numel
Torkoal – Route 206, Oreburgh Mine
Spoink – Route 214, Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate
Grumpig – Evolve Spoink
Spinda – Route 211 East, Ravaged Path
Trapinch – Ruin Maniac Cave
Vibrava – Evolve Trapinch
Flygon – Evolve Vibrava
Cacnea – Route 211 West
Cacturne – Evolve Cacnea
Swablu – Route 210 North
Altaria – Evolve Swablu
Zangoose – Route 208
Seviper – Route 208
Lunatone – Lake Verity, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet(Upper floors), Sendoff Spring
Solrock – Lake Verity, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet(Upper floors), Sendoff Spring
Barboach – Fish in various areas. Earliest: Route 205
Whiscash – Fish with Super rod in Route 210 North, Sunyshore City, Any Rod at Pokemon League
Corphish – Grass in Route 213, Fish in Celestic Town, Surf in Canalave City and Sunyshore City
Crawdaunt – Evolve Corphish
Baltoy – Lost Tower
Claydol – Evolve Baltoy
Lileep – Restore Root Fossil(Fossils can be bought from Veilstone Department Store)
Cradily – Evolve Lileep
Anorith – Restore Claw Fossil(Fossils can be bought from Veilstone Department Store)
Armaldo – Evolve Anorith
Feebas – Fish in Mt. Coronet with Good/Super Rod(1% catch in all Mt. Coronet Water, 10-25% in 4 random Tiles in Fog Room Pool)
Milotic – Evolve Feebas
Castform – Old Chateau
Kecleon – Route 210 North
Shuppet – Old Chateau at Night, Anytime in Lost Tower
Banette- Evolve Shuppet
Duskull – Night at Route 209 and Lost Tower
Dusclops – Sendoff Spring(Night), Evolve Duskull
Tropius – Route 210 South, Great Marsh
Chimecho – Evolve Chingling
Absol – Anytime at Top/Snow Area of Mt. Coronet, Night in Route 216, 217, Lake Acuity, Acuity Lakefront
Wynaut – Trophy Garden, Breed Wobbuffet
Snorunt – Night at Route 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront, Lake Acuity
Glalie – Evolve Snorunt
Spheal – Surf/Grass at Lake Acuity
Sealeo – Evolve Spheal
Walrein – Evolve Sealeo
Clamperl – Fish with Good Rod/Super Rod at Route 219, 221, Pokemon League
Huntail – Evolve Clamperl
Gorebyss – Evolve Clamperl
Relicanth – Fish with Good/Super Rod at Route 223
Luvdisc – Fish with Good/Super Rod at Pokemon League
Bagon – Wayward Cave bottom
Shelgon – Evolve Bagon
Salamence – Evolve Shelgon
Beldum – Iron Island
Metang – Evolve Beldum
Metagross – Evolve Metang
Regirock – After obtaining the national dex, catch Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. With this Regigigas in party, go to route 228 to access the cave with Regirock
Regice – After obtaining the national dex, catch Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. With this Regigigas in party, go to Mt. Coronet to access the cave with Regice
Registeel – After obtaining the national dex, catch Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. With this Regigigas in party, go to Iron Island to access the cave with Registeel
Latias – Island on Route 230
Latios – Route 226
Kyogre – Surf on Route 226
Groudon – Stark Mountain Middle Floor
Rayquaza – Top/Snow Area of Mt. Coronet
Jirachi – Route 224
Deoxys – Stark Mountain First Floor
Turtwig – Starter, Eterna Forest
Grotle – Evolve Turtwig
Torterra – Evolve Grotle
Chimchar – Starter, Route 211 West
Monferno – Evolve Chimchar
Infernape – Evolve Monferno
Piplup – Starter, Route 204 South
Prinplup – Evolve Piplup
Empoleon – Evolve Prinplup
Starly – Route 201, 202, 203, 204, Lake Verity
Staravia – Route 209, 210, 212 North, 215, Lake Valor, Valor Lakefront, Sendoff Spring, Evolve Starly
Staraptor – Evolve Staravia
Bidoof – Route 201, 202, 203, 204 North, 205, Lake Verity
Bibarel – Route 208, 209, Lake Valor, Valor Lakefront, Lake Acuity, Sendoff Spring, Evolve Bidoof
Kricketot – Route 201, 202, 203, 204 North, 205 North, 207
Kricketune – Route 206, Lake Valor Lakefront, Evolve Kricketot
Shinx – Route 202, 203, 204, Valley Windworks
Luxio – Route 222, Fuego Ironworks, Evolve Shinx
Luxray – Evolve Luxio
Budew – Route 204, 205 North, 208
Roserade – Evolve Roselia
Cranidos – Restore Skull Fossil(Fossils can be bought in Veilstone Department Store)
Rampardos – Evolve Cranidos
Shieldon – Restore Shield Fossil(Fossils can be bought in Veilstone Department Store)
Bastiodon – Evolve Shieldon
Burmy – Honey Trees
Wormadam – Evolve Burmy
Mothim – Evolve Burmy
Combee – Honey Trees
Vespiquen – Evolve Combee
Pachirisu – Route 205 South, Valley Windworks
Buizel – Route 205 South, 213, Valley Windworks
Floatzel – Route 218, 221, 222, Fuego Ironworks, Victory Road, Evolve Buizel
Cherubi – Honey Trees
Cherrim – Evolve Cherubi
Shellos –Various Areas. Mostly unchanged, see pokedex. Earliest: Route 205 South, Valley Windworks
Gastrodon – Route 218, Fuego Ironworks, Surf on Route 205 South, 212 South, 213, Pastoria City, Valley Windworks, evolve Shellos
Ambipom – Evolve Aipom
Drifloon – Valley Windworks Entrances on Friday
Drifblim – Evolve Drifloon
Buneary – Eterna Forest
Lopunny – Evolve Buneary
Mismagius – Evolve Misdreavus
Honchkrow – Evolve Murkrow
Glameow – Route 212 North, 218
Purugly – Route 222, Evolve Glameow
Chingling – Route 211(West at Night, East anytime), Mt. Coronet, Sendoff Spring
Stunky – Route 206, 214
Skuntank – Route 221, Evolve Stunky
Bronzor – Route 206, 211, Wayward Cave, Mt. Coronet
Bronzong – Mt. Coronet, Evolve Bronzor
Bonsly – Trophy Garden, Breed Sudowoodo
Mime Jr. – Trophy Garden, Breed Mr. Mime
Happiny – Trophy Garden, Breed Chansey
Chatot – Route 213, 218, 222
Spiritomb – Use Odd Keystone on Hallow Tower in Route 209. Odd Keystones can be bought in Veilstone Department Store
Gible – Wayward Cave bottom floor
Gabite – Victory Road, Evolve Gible
Garchomp – Evolve Gabite
Munchlax – Trophy Garden, Honey Trees, Breed Snorlax
Riolu – Trophy Garden, Egg given by Riley in Iron Island
Lucario – Evolve Riolu
Hippopotas – Ruin Maniac Cave
Hippowdon – Evolve Hippopotas
Skorupi – Great Marsh
Drapion – Evolve Skorupi
Croagunk – Great Marsh, Route 212 South
Toxicroak – Evolve Croagunk
Carnivine – Great Marsh
Finneon – Fish with a Good/Super Rod in Route 205, 218, 219, 220, 221, Canalave City, Valley Windworks, Fuego Ironworks
Lumineon – Evolve Finneon
Mantyke – Surf on Route 223
Snover – Route 216, 217, Lake Acuity, Acuity Lakefront, Mt. Coronet Top
Abomasnow – Mt. Coronet Top/Snow Area, Evolve Snover
Weavile – Evolve Sneasel
Magnezone – Evolve Magneton
Lickilicky – Evolve Lickitung
Rhyperior – Evolve Rhydon
Tangrowth – Evolve Tangela
Electivire – Evolve Electabuzz
Magmortar – Evolve Magmar
Togekiss – Evolve Togetic
Yanmega – Evolve Yanma
Leafeon – Evolve Eevee
Glaceon – Evolve Eevee
Gliscor – Evolve Gligar
Mamoswine – Evolve Piloswine
PorygonZ – Evolve Porygon2
Gallade – Evolve Kirlia
Probopass – Evolve Nosepass
Dusknoir – Evolve Dusclops
Froslass – Evolve Snorunt
Rotom – Old Chateau TV Room at Night
Uxie – Lake Acuity interior after Galactic Events
Mesprit – Lake Verity interior after Galactic Events. Roams Sinnoh after examining
Azelf – Lake Valor interior after Galactic Events
Dialga – After obtaining National Dex and Adamant Orb, battle at Spear Pillar
Palkia – After obtaining National Dex and Lustrous Orb, battle at Spear Pillar
Heatran – Stark Mountain bottom floor after obtaining Lava Rock from Buck
Regigigas – After obtaining National Dex, battle in the bottom floor of Snowpoint Temple. Regigigas can be used to get Regirock, Regice, and Registeel
Giratina – Distortion world
Cresselia – After obtaining National Dex, visit Full Moon Island and examine. Cresselia will drop Lunar Wing and will leave to roam Sinnoh
Phione – Surf in Route 230. 2% chance of encounter
Manaphy – Surf in Route 226. 2% chance of encounter
Darkrai – Visit Full Moon Island to get Lunar Wing. Bring the Lunar Wing back to Canalave to wake up the boy. His parents will give you a membership pass. Use this to access the locked house in Canalave. Sleep in the bed to travel to New Moon Island and battle Darkrai
Shaymin – When you obtain the National Dex from Professor Rowan, he will also give you Oak’s Letter. Use this to go to Route 224. Follow the route to the end and examine the rock to make Seabreak Path appear. Follow Seabreak Path to battle Shaymin
Arceus – First, catch every pokemon excluding Arceus. Afterward, go to the South-Western house in Sandgem Town. Talk to the man and he will give you the Azure Flute. Bring the Azure Flute to Spear Pillar to make a staircase appear. Head up the Staircase to battle Arceus
After catching Arceus, you will have officially beaten Pokemon Origin Platinum. Congratulations for getting this far!

By Pokemoner.com