Pokemon Radical Red Known Bugs

Turning EXP. Share ON/OFF on Route 11 might freeze your game. It happens like at least once in 5 attempts. Be careful!
[Improved in v2] Freezes can happen randomly, although it’s extremely rare.
Trying to catch a Pokemon in a Double wild battle while your other Pokemon is locked into a Choice move will lead to an infinite loop, soft locking the game
Your game may get soft locked in Double battles with the text “There’s no PP left for this move” if your other Pokemon has run out of PP.
Enemy Pokémon using encore in double battle may soft lock your game saying “X move has to be selected after the Encore.”
Using Skill Swap/Wandering Spirit on Intimidate will freeze the game.
[Fixed for v2.1a] If a Pokemon with Cloud Nine/Airlock is sent in on Castform holding a Weather Rock, the game will soft lock.
Sometimes your Pokémon will have more HP than their maximum HP is, which could be possibly caused by EV reducer in Saffron City. To fix, heal up at a Pokemon center. Using items on these Pokemon will freeze the game.

Gen 8 Pokémon’s cries and sprites aren’t final. Some sprites may show up incorrectly with weird colours and odd positions on screen and some of them have placeholder cry.
Dexnav Hidden Abilities and Egg moves do not work in randomizer mode
DexNav Egg Move feature can sometimes give a Pokémon the same move twice.
No Retreat prevents you from fleeing after a Raid Battle
Boss AI can act really stupid from time to time.
A lot of new DLC/Gen 8 moves have placeholder animations atm.
Castform can have some wack interactions with new Forecast (I taught it Hail when it originally had Rest and it still used Rest..) This appeared to be fixed when I healed it and I’m unable to replicate the bug.
Pickup will pick up items for all pokemon in the party, although I think this is fine lol.
Start menu will slow down if you set L=A in the Options menu.
Selecting Sensu Oricorio at Egg Move Tutor causes a blackscreen or show incorrect moves.
Court Change does nothing at the moment.
Sometimes, not very often, the game may start slowing down because of random stuff. Restart the game if it happens.

[Fixed for v2.2] Selecting “No” at the Nature Changer in Pokémon Center makes her reply with “Thank you, the nature has been changed” even though it wasn’t.
[Fixed for v2.2] Kricketune unable to learn Pin Missile from Move Tutor.
[Fixed for v2.2] Ariados unable to learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor.
[Fixed for v2.2] Poison Fang doesn’t BADLY poison the target, just normally.
[Fixed for v2.2] You can get stuck on a waterfall in Seafoam Islands. To get out of it, use Dig or Escape Rope.
[Fixed for v2.2] Diglett Cave still has a Raid Crystal instead of a Den.
[Fixed for v2.2] You can walk on the left-most and right-most tiles of the Raid Den on Route 5.
[Fixed for v2.2] Any mega evolved Pokémon’s Dex number becomes #000.
[Fixed for v2.2] A small graphical issue with Raid Dens disappearing, only leaving few shadowy traces behind. Or instead of the Den, your character might disappear. (Could be related to Gold’s sprite in Raid Battles or if you approach the Den from behind or from side.)
[Fixed for v2.2] Amulet Coin doesn’t boost money earned in wild battles using Pay Day.
[Fixed for v2.2] Soul Dew having outdated item description.
[Fixed for v2.2] Morpeko being stuck in Hangry mode.
[Fixed for v2.2] Dialogues from Vanilla FR. (Picnicker in Rock Tunnel saying there are only Machops, Maniac in Rock Tunnel saying there are only Zubats, NPC in Celadon City saying there are only 50 TMs, scientist on Cinnabar Island saying Eevee only has 3 evolution forms.
[Fixed for v2.2] Grammar error in Misty’s dialogue.
[Fixed for v2.2] Text cut off with Lt. Surge rematch.
[Fixed for v2.2] Magneton evolving while being in Rock Tunnel.
[Fixed for v2.2] Chillan Berry proccing when using or being hit by a non-damaging Normal-type move.
[Fixed for v2.2] Rock Climb, Defog and Dive showing up in the party menu.
Castform’s ability Forewarn Warning may not work properly when an opponent with the ability Trace is sent to battle.
[Fixed for v2.2] Static Electrode encounters in Power Plant have low level.
[Fixed for v2.2] Randomizer options go back to vanilla options after a boss fight.
Pincurchin’s battle sprite is slightly higher than it should be.
The Receptionist in Safari Zone only checks if you have free slots to catch Pokémon in the first 14 boxes (Vanilla FR amount).
Bottom part of Route 21 shows ONLY Tangela in the DexNav’s grass section.
TM 001 – Focus Punch is one time use.
TM 101 – Power-Up Punch is one time use.
When your Pokémon has Sage Power, and you select a move that isn’t the move you are locked into, it says you can’t use the move that you are locked into.
There isn’t an option to give a nickname when receiving my scripted gift Pokemon, and it won’t give you a notification of it being sent to a box if your party is full either. This was out of laziness.
Interacting with static encounter Electrodes turns off double wild battles if it has been previously enabled by the NPC in Fuchsia City.
Female Pyroar’s sprite may be glitched upon evolving.
Female Unfezant’s sprite may be glitched upon evolving.
[More info needed] Game counts caught Pokémon differently in the PokéDex menu and in the TrainerCard/saving box. (The caught number may differ in these places.)
DexNav spawning Pokémon in places that’s hard to get to from your current location. (Mostly in caves, Mt. Moon and Seafom Islands for example.)
Sheer Force ignores the effect of Weakness Policy.
Cursed Body does not work properly.
Catching an Alolan Pokémon will mark it’s Kantonian form caught in the PokéDex, same thing happens if you catch Kantonian form.
Nihilego palette does not blend well with the summary screen.
Ally HP bar might break when you KO your ally with Surf (possibly with other multi target moves as well).
D-Max moves that are normally multi-target moves display the white glow on your ally even if they aren’t really targeted by it.
When entering a wild double battle or a raid battle, the game might sometimes send a fainted Pokémon from your party.
Entering a raid battle with 3 fainted Pokémon on the left side of your party menu causes the game to copy your partner’s first Pokémon.
Overworld palettes can get messed up from time to time, showing placeholder sprites for items. It usually happens after picking an item, the NPCs in OW appear as a white square.
Snorlax in the overworld might have a shadow visible below him.
Using Itemfinder on hidden Leftovers on Route 16 will mess up your character’s appearance. Walking into a building fixes it.
Furret and Morelull can have sex.
Max Phantasm causes HP palette to go purple.
Burmy doesn’t change form, making it impossible to get other Wormadam forms.
Neutralizing Gas doesn’t affect Mirror Armor.
Encountering a wild Zoroark causes Zoroark to disguise himself as Zoroark. (Only for randomizer)
Rookiedee can get Sand Attack via DexNav.
During Oak’s tutorial battle, your Pokémon might have a status condition without the battle UI having the status condition icon shown.
When using Stat Scanner in E4 chambers, it only shows the stats of your first Pokémon in the party, even when you choose a different one.
Female Combee’s sprite is incorrect.
Rocket Grunts are still in the Game Corner Hideout even after you become Champion.
Signposts interrupt DexNav chain.
Cotton Spore affects grass type even though it shouldn’t since gen 6.
DexNav’s black bar may start glitching out (graphics wise) after extended use or fast-spamming use.
Biker Ernest on Route 15 has Gengar with Minimize.
A Trainer near Lavender Town has Salazzle with Minimize.
Team Rocket Grunt in Silph Co. 8F has Drapion with Wing Attack.
Terrain change in Raid Battles can change your Pokémon’s type.
Castform’s sprite glitches out in Raid battle after reverting from Dynamax.
Parting Shot into a Pokémon with Throat Spray activates Throat Spray.
During a raid, if you use No Retreat move, you won’t be able to run away from the raid, you will have to catch the Pokémon.
Invisible DexNav tile in Cerulean Cave 1F. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/737439929235144784/776297336120147968/Screen_Shot_2020-11-11_at_11.07.24_PM.png
When entering a double battle with Egg in the first two party slots, you will send out the egg which will show what Pokémon will hatch from the egg. (the Pokémon has a gray back sprite.)
DexNav’s grass tile in Safari Zone will bring out regular battling system rather than the one in Safari Zone.
Taking away your starters’ Oran Berry into the bag and then getting Oran Berries from the Scientist that gives you DexNav, you will only have 5 Oran Berries in your bag instead of 6.

Unconfirmed bugs (you can test these yourself and let us know on discord what you found out)
In battle, when your Pokémon levels up, the window with your Pokémon’s name, level HP etc may show up on top of the new stats window. Possibly caused by beating a Ditto? More info needed.
Unidentified berries with placeholder images (questionmarks) crash the game.
Spirit Shackle’s trapping of the other Pokémon doesn’t work properly.
Serperior’s icon colour turns to red after using a multi-strike move.
Keldeo using struggle and dying may freeze the game.
When Misty Terrain is created in a raid battle, Water Absorb and Flash Fire change the user’s type to Fairy.
Rollout’s 5th strike deals very little damage.
Using Strange Steam in battle causes Swampert’s sprite (and possibly other mons) to glitch out.
Raid Tyrunt targeting himself using Max Strike (possibly only in randomizer).
Meteor Beam can sometimes bug out – when it’s used, it tells you the move is charging, doesn’t give you the boost, and the next turn the attack doesn’t go off.
If Ferroseed knocks out an opponent with Iron Barbs and uses Self Destruct, he might not take any damage from it and the game may ask you if you want to select another Pokémon.
Activating Flash in Rock Tunnel may cause the game to freeze.
Bulldoze may lower Sp Attack along with Speed.
Traded Carnivine doesn’t obey.
Capturing, fleeing or killing a Skiddoo freezes the game, possibly only a Skiddo from DexNav.
Unnerve may not stop an opponent from eating it’s own berry.
Breeding Male Nidoran only gives more males.
Spider Web doesn’t prevent targets from switching out (reported VS Brock’s Onix).
Passimian’s Receiver ability doesn’t work properly.
When you use Skull Bash after +6 Defense boost, it raises your Attack, but doesn’t attack the next turn.
Male Kirlia and Male Applin can have egg.
Dual Wingbeat doesn’t KO you if the opponent used Destiny Bond against you. Possibly affects other multi-hit moves.
If you Pokémon dies to Stealth Rock, your other Party Pokémon get EXP if EXP. Share is enabled.
Indeedee’s male sprite is glitched upon evolution.
If you change Silvally to Poison type, the scientist will no longer recognize it as Silvally and you won’t be able to change it’s type anymore.