Pokemon Radical Red v2.1 – Buffs/Nerfs

Assuming Version: 2.1
Ability Changes
Flame Body/Steam Engine/Magma Armor – Field effect reduces amount of steps needed to hatch eggs by 4x instead of 2x

Frisk – Now also has the functionality of boosting item spawn chances for wild Pokemon (like Compound Eyes/Super Luck).

Truant – Can now use healing moves on turns where you loaf around.

Defeatist – Activates at 1/3 health instead of ½.

Corrosion – Now also has the functionality of allowing Poison moves to damage Steel types.

Iron Fist – Raised Iron Fist boost from 1.2x to 1.3x.

Toxic Boost – Now immune to poison status damage on top of its existing functionality.

Flare Boost – Now immune to burn status damage on top of its existing functionality .

Illusion – 1.3x damage boost when in Illusion mode.

Forecast – Now sets weather depending on what weather rock is being held (Castform), and will set weather again when using Weather Ball.

Rivalry – 0.75x damage when attacking non–target gender –>1x damage when attacking non–target gender.

Shield Dust – Now also avoids damage from entry hazards.

Solar Power – Now also boosts defenses by 1.33x when in Sun on top of its existing functionality

Gulp Missile – Now reduces Speed instead of Defense in Gulping Form

Mega Launcher – Now also boosts Snipe Shot, Octazooka and Flash Cannon.

Bulletproof – Now also blocks Snipe Shot, Flash Cannon and Spike Cannon.

New Abilities
Blademaster – Boosts sword/cutting moves by 1.1x and gives them +1 crit ratio.
Moves affected by Blademaster: Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, Psycho Cut, Cut, Slash, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, False Swipe, X–Scissor, Solar Blade, Fury Cutter, Smart Strike, Razor Shell, Shadow Claw.

Striker – Boosts kicking moves by 1.3x.
Moves affected by Striker: Blaze Kick, Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, Triple Axel, Triple Kick, Stomp, Mega Kick, Low Kick, Rolling Kick, Trop Kick, Pyro Ball, High Horsepower, Double Kick.

Feline Power – Doubles Special Attack (special Huge Power).

Blazing Soul – If at full HP, fire type moves have +1 priority (Fire type Gale Wings).

Sage Power – Automatically locked into the first move chosen, but boosts Special Attack by 1.5x (Gorilla Tactics for Special moves) .

Surprise! – Random Effect on switch in (Delibird signature ability).

Raging Boxer – Punch moves hit twice, with second hit deals 0.5x (Mega Machamp signature ability).

Bad Company – Prevents self lowering stat drops (Mega Duraludon signature ability, combos well with Draco Meteor).

Parasitic Waste – Attacks that poison also heal for 50% (Mega Garbodor signature ability).

Mountaineer – Immune to Rock attacks and Stealth Rocks (Mega Coalossal signature ability).

Bull Rush – First move deals 1.5x (Has to be first move used on each switch in, like how Fake Out/First Impression work. Granbull, Bouffalant, Emboar HA).

Primal Armor – Reduces damage received from Super Effective Attacks by 50%

Move changes
Drill Peck has an increased crit rate.

Shadow Punch 60BP –> 80 BP

Chatter 65 BP –> 80 BP

Lovely Kiss 75 Accuracy –> 85 Accuracy

Triple Kick 10BP –> 20 BP

Charge Beam 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy, 100% chance to boost SpA instead of 70

Explosion, Selfdestruct halves defense of the target again, but BP is reduced to 150, 100 respectively.

Head Smash 80 Accuracy –> 85 Accuracy

Diamond Storm Physical–> Special

Tail Slap 85 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Fly 95 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Shadow Claw 70 BP –> 80 BP

Attack Order 90 BP –> 120 BP

Slam 75 Accuracy –> 90 Accuracy

Arm Thrust 15 BP –> 25 BP

Dragon Hammer 90 BP –> 100 BP

Skull Bash now raises both Attack and Defense on charging turn rather than just Defense.

Parabolic Charge 65 BP –> 75 BP

Revelation Dance 90 BP –> 100 BP

Snipe Shot Crit rate increase to +2 from +1, 80 BP –> 70

Octazooka 65 –> 80 BP, 85 Acc –> 100 Acc, 100% chance to lower speed. Boosted by Mega Launcher.

Mega Blastoise SpA 135->125
Camerupt HP 70->90, Mega Camerupt HP 70->90, Attack 120->100, Def 100->110, SpDef 105->115 (!)
Mega Audino Ability Healer->Regenerator
Mega Glalie Attack 120->135, SpA 120->105
Mega Abomasnow Ability Snow Warning->Slush Rush, Defense 105->100, SpDef 105->100, Speed 30->45 (!)
Mega Aggron Steel->Steel/Dragon, Ability Filter->Clear Body
Mega Steelix Ability Sand Force->Heatproof
Mega Ampharos Ability Mold Breaker->Thick Fat
Mega Houndoom Ability Solar Power->Dark Aura
Mega Slowbro Ability Shell Armor->Regenerator, Defense 180->165
Mega Sceptile Ability Lightningrod->Adaptability, Special Attack 145->130 (!!)
Mega Blaziken Attack 160->130, SpA 130->160
Mega Gallade Ability Inner Focus->Blademaster(1.1x boost & +1 crit ratio to Sword/Cutting moves) Attack 165->155 (!!), Defense 95->75
Mega Absol Type Dark->Dark/Fairy, Attack 150->140, Ability Magic Bounce->Blademaster (!!)
Altaria HP 75->85, Mega Altaria HP 75->85
Mega Salamence Attack 145->135
Mega Lucario Attack 145->135
Mega Garchomp Defense 115->105, Speed 92->102
Mega Butterfree(Butterfreeite found in Viridian Forest with Rock Smash):

Mega Machamp (Machampite Power Plant)
Raging Boxer

Mega Garbodor (Garbodorite Silph Co)
Parasitic Waste

Mega Kingler (Route 18)
Tough Claws

Mega Snorlax (Route 23)
Thick Fat

Mega Lapras (Seafoam Islands)
Liquid Voice

Mega Drednaw (Route 19)
Strong Jaw

Mega Coalossal (Rock Tunnel Rock Smash)

Mega Orbeetle (Route 2 Rock Smash)
Magic Guard

Mega Toxtricity (Mandatory event)
Punk Rock

Mega Duraludon (Mandatory event)
Bad Company

Not listed but are also present are the stat buffs from the latest gens!
I’ve changed some Pokemon to be able to have their hidden abilities as normal abilities; this is so you don’t have to go through the DexNav/Bottle Cap grind in order to obtain their HA.
Also, if you don’t see your favorite shitty Pokemon listed here, they may have received new moves, so be sure to check the Learnset section below!

Also, you can view Base_stats.c to view the base stats, possible held items, and abilities for all Pokemon, and the level_up_learnsets.c to view the level-up learnsets of all Pokemon as well.

All Pokemon with Pickpocket->Infiltrator
All Pokemon with Keen Eye->Frisk
Ability Illuminate Removed
Rattled has been removed from the game (to make room for Unseen Fist).
– Cubchoo Rattled-> Swift Swim, Yamper Rattled->Competitive, Toxel Rattled->Lightningrod, Magikarp Rattled->Hydration, Bonsly/Sudowoodo Rattled->none, Dunsparce Rattled->None, Snubbull Rattled->defiant, Poochyena Rattled->Moxie, Whismur Rattled->Scrappy, Clamperl Rattled->Hydration
Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard HA Solar Power->Flame Body
Raticate HP 55->60, Attack 81->91
Butterfree SpA 90->95
Geodude-A, Graveler-A, Golem-A Magnet Pull->Rock Head
Arbok HP 60->75, Defense 69->75
Parasect HP 60->80, Attack 95->105
Wigglytuff Cute Charm->Sheer Force
Fearow Keen Eye->Sniper, Hidden Ability Sniper->Technician
Raichu HP 60->70, Attack 90->80, SpA 90->100
Farfetch’d Type Normal/Flying->Fighting/Flying, Hidden Ability Blademaster, HP 52->75, Defense 55->70, SpDef 62->77 Signature item change:
Stick: Boost Farfetch’d Crit rate -> Boost Farfetch’d Crit Rate + Boost Speed by 1.5x
Venomoth Type Bug/Poison->Bug Psychic Defense 60->65, SpA 90->95
Kanto Marowak HP 60->80, SpA 50->30
Sandslash Attack 100->110, Defense 110->120, SpA 45->25, SpDef 55->65
Persian Attack 70->80
Golduck Type Type Water->Psychic (!)
Victreebel Defense 65->70, SpDef 70->75
Tentacruel Attack 70->60, SpA 80->90
Kabutops Ability Swift Swim, Battle Armor-> Blademaster, HA Weak Armor->Swift Swim
Rapidash Ability Run Away->Reckless, SpA 80->60, Speed 105->125 (!)
Dodrio Ability Run Away->Rock Head
Dewgong Ability Hydration->Ice Scales (!) Attack 70->50, SpA 70->90
Primeape Hidden Ability Defiant->Gorilla Tactics, Attack 105->95 (!!)
Muk Ability Stench->Regenerator
Onix HP 35->50, Attack 45->60, Defense 160->150, Speed 70->65
Hypno Hidden Ability Inner Focus -> Psychic Surge !
Voltorb Hidden Ability Aftermath->Galvanize
Electrode Hidden Ability Aftermath>Galvanize, Attack 50->55
Seaking Swift Swim->Lightningrod, Hidden Ability Lightningrod->Swift Swim
Mr Mime Hidden Ability Technician->Misty Surge, HP 40->50
Jynx Ability Oblivious->Dry Skin Defense 35->50, Speed 95->100
Tauros SpA 40->70
Hitmonchan Attack 105->115
Hitmonlee Limber->Unburden, Hidden Ability Unburden->Striker
Flareon SpDef 110->100, SpA 95->65, Speed 65->95,
Lapras Water/Ice->Water/Dragon, Ability Shell Armor->Hydration
Articuno HA Snow Cloak->Shield Dust
Typhlosion Ability Blaze ->Flash Fire, Hidden Ability Flash Fire->Blazing Soul (!!)
Meganium Grass->Grass/Fairy Ability Overgrow->Triage (!)
Furret Ability Run Away->Adaptability, Attack 76->86 (!)
Noctowl HP 100->110
Ledian TYPE: BUG/FLYING->BUG/FIGHTING Ability Early Bird->Iron Fist Attack 35->90, SpA 55->35, SpDef 110->100 (!)
Ariados Ability Insomnia->No Guard, Attack 90->95, Speed 40->70
Lanturn Attack 58->50, Defense 58->65 SpA 76->90
Xatu SpA 95->105, Speed 95->105
Bellossom Type Grass->Grass/Fairy, HP 75->85, Attack 80->70
Jumpluff Ability Hidden Ability Infiltrator->Aerilate, Attack 55->85, SpA 55->35
Sunflora SpA HP 75->95, 105->135
Granbull Type Fairy->Fairy/Fighting, HA Rattled->Bull Rush, HP 90->100
Quagsire HP 95->100, Def 85->90
Donphan HA Sand Veil->Technician
Girafarig Inner Focus->Sap Sipper, Hidden Ability Sap Sipper->Parental Bond
Qwilfish HP 65->80, Attack 95->105
Sudowoodo Type Rock->Rock Grass, HP 70->90
Delibird Hidden ability insomnia->Surprise!, Attack 55->100, Speed 75->105 (!)
Shuckle Ability Gluttony->Solid Rock
Ursaring Base HP 90->100, Def 75->80, SpDef 75->80, SpA 75->55
Magcargo Ability Magma Armor->Simple (!!)
Corsola Natural Cure->Regenerator, HP 65->85, Def 95->100, SpDef 95->100
Octillery Suction Cups->Mega Launcher, Hidden Ability Moody->Skill Link, Speed 45->75
Mantine SpA 80->90
Stantler Frisk->Reckless, HP 73->80, Def 62->70, SpDef 65->73, Speed 85->90
Miltank Attack 80->85
Crobat Ability 2: Sniper, SpA 70->90
Dunsparce Defense 70->80, SpDef 65->75
Lugia Pressure->Multiscale //not relevant currently not obtainable
Ho-Oh pressure->regenerator //not relevant currently not obtainable
Mightyena Ability Quick Feet->Strong Jaw Attack 90->95
Linoone HP 78->85, Attack 70-85
Beautifly SpA 100->105, Speed 65->75
Dustox HP 60->80, Attack 50->40, SpA 50->60
Swellow Hidden Ability Scrappy->Aerilate
Hariyama Hidden Ability Sheer Force->Gluttony
Spinda all stats 60->80
Masquerain Bug/Flying->Water/Bug HP 70->80
Manectric HA Minus->Intimidate
Wingull Ability Hydration->Rain Dish, HA Rain Dish->Hydration
Pelipper Ability Drizzle->Rain Dish, HA Rain Dish -> Drizzle
Wailord Ability Oblivious->Thick Fat, Attack 90->70, Def 45->60, SpDef 45->60
Delcatty Ability Normalize->Wonder Skin, Hidden Ability Wonder Skin->Feline Power, SpA 55->65
Kecleon Attack 90->100
Slakoth, Slaking Buff to Ability Truant: Can now use healing moves on turns they loaf around (!)
Claydol SpA 70->80
Seviper Ability Shed Skin -> Merciless Speed 65->80
Lunatone SpA 95->105 Speed 70->90
Solrock Attack 95->105 Speed 70->90
Whiscash Oblivious->Water Bubble
Cacnea Cacturne secondary ability->Water Absorb
Grumpig HP 80->90
Swalot Hidden Ability Gluttony -> Magic Guard, Attack 73 -> 53, SpA 73 -> 93
Tropius Gras/Flying->Grass/Dragon, SpA 72->92, Speed 51->81
Exploud Ability HA Scrappy->Punk Rock, also has secondary Ability Scrappy(PreEvos too) Attack 91->81, Speed 68->73 (!!)
Zangoose Ability Immunity->Tough Claws
Walrein Hidden Ability Oblivious->Fur Coat, HP 110->90 (!!)
Volbeat Ability Swarm->Prankster Attack 73->47, SpA 47->90
Illumise Bug->Bug Fairy, Attack 47->90, SpA 73->47
Relicanth Attack 90->105, Defense 130->115
Luvdisc Type Water->Water/Fairy, Ability Hydration->Soul-Heart, SpA 40->100
Torkoal Ability Drought->Shell Armor, HA Shell Armor->Drought Attack 85->75, SpA 85->95
Vibrava Hidden Ability Tinted Lens
Flygon Ability 2: Compound Eyes, Hidden Ability Tinted Lens, HP 80->100, SpA 80->100
Cradily Ability Suction Cups->Storm Drain
Milotic Defense 79->84, Speed 81->86
Clamperl gets Shell Smash as an Egg Move
Gorebyss Water->Water/Fairy, SpA 114->104, Hidden Ability Hydration->Regenerator
Huntail Water->Water/Dark, Ability Swift Swim->Intimidate, Hidden Ability Water Veil->Defiant
Chimecho HP 75->90, Speed 65->80
Castform All stats 70->85, along with changing form Forecast also activates weather depending on what weather rock Castform is holding

Infernape Attack 104->110, SpA 104->110, Speed 108->113
Empoleon Hidden Ability Defiant->Competitive
Bibarel Def 60->80, SpDef 60->80, Speed 71->50
Kricketune Ability Swarm->Technician, Attack 85->95, Def 51->61, SpDef 51->61
Luxray Electric->Electric/Dark
Mothim Attack 94->84, Speed 66->80
Vespiquen Ability Pressure->Queenly Majesty, HP 70->85
Pachirisu Ability Run Away->Prankster, HP 60->75, SpDef 90->95
Floatzel Hidden Ability Water Veil->Technician (!!) HP Attack 105->90
Cherrim attack 60->87, SpA 87->60
Purugly HP 71->100, Defense 64->79, SpDef 59->74, Speed 112->85
Skuntank SpA 71->91
Carnivine HP 74->89, Defense 72->82, SpDef 72->82, SpA 90->55
Lumineon Ability Swift Swim->Dazzling, HP 69->79, Attack 69->59, SpA 69->96, SpDef 86->69, Speed 91->101
Lickilicky Ability Oblivious->Thick Fat, Attack 85->95, Speed 50->30
Drapion Attack 90->80 (Stat nerf, but he has access to Wicked Blow; Overall a buff)
Chatot Speed 91->101
Leafeon Attack 110->130, Defense 130->110, Ability 2 Leaf Guard->Sap Sipper
Glaceon Ability 1: Snow Cloak, Ability 2: Snow Cloak->Ice Body, Hidden Ability Ice Body->Slush Rush, Base Hp 65->80, Attack 65->45, Defense 110->100, Speed 65->75
Probopass Hp 60->65, Attack 55->45, SpA 75->80
Mismagius HP 60->70, Defense 60->70
Electivire Type Electric->Electric/Fighting, Hidden Ability Vital Spirit->Iron Fist, Attack 123->113, Special Attack 95->105
Magmortar Hidden Ability Vital Spirit->Mega Launcher
Bastiodon Ability Sturdy->Dauntless Shield
Froslass Attack 80->95, SpA 80->95
Dusknoir Hidden Ability Frisk->Hustle
Rotom (default Rotom) now benefits from Eviolite (!!)
Rotom-Fan Ability Levitate -> Motor Drive
Emboar Blaze->Reckless, HA Reckless->Bull Rush
Samurott Water->Water/Steel, Hidden Ability Shell Armor->Blademaster
Watchog Ability Keen Eye->Analytic, HP 60->80, Defense 69->74, SpDef 69->74, Speed 77->50
Musharna Hidden Ability Telepathy->Unaware
Swoobat HP 67->75, Defense 55->65
Liepard Ability Limber->Moxie, Attack 88->98, SpA 88->78
Stoutland HP 85->90, Attack 110->115
Simisage, Simisear, Simipour Hidden Ability is now Sage Power, a Gorilla Tactics but for Special Attack (!)
Blitzle, Zebstrika Motor Drive->Sap Sipper, Hidden Ability Sap Sipper->Flare Boost
Maractus Hidden ability Storm Drain->Grassy Surge, Attack 86->106, SpA 106->85 (!)
Garbodor Ability Stench->Gooey, Attack 95->115, Speed 75->60
Swanna Hidden Ability Hydration->No Guard Attack 87->77, SpA 87->97
Vanilluxe Attack 95->90, Speed 79->84
Jellicent Hidden Ability Damp->Water Bubble, Defense 70->80, SpA 85->60 (!)
Emolga Ability Static->Motor Drive, Attack 75->55, SpA 75->95
Klinklang Hidden Ability Clear Body -> Steelworker (!) Attack 100->85
Eelektross Attack 115->105, SpA 105->115
Beheeyem Ability Telepathy->Analytic, HP 75->95
Beartic Type Ice->Ice/Fighting Attack 130->140
Accelgor Ability Sticky Hold->Unburden, HA Unburden->Sheer Force (!), SpA 100->95
Leavanny Hidden Ability Overcoat->Blademaster (!)
Stunfisk Ability Limber->Water Absorb (!)
Druddigon HP 77->90, Speed 48->41
Heatmor Speed 65->85
Archeops Ability Defeatist: Half Attack/Special Attack when below half HP changed to Half Attack/Special Attack when below 1/3 HP
Basculin Attack 92->110
Bouffalant Speed 55->65
Crustle Speed 45->55
Throh Defense 85->95, SpDef 85->95
Sawk Defense 75->80, SpDef 75->80, Speed 85->95
Cryogonal Special Attack 95->110
Chesnaught Ability Overgrow->Bullet Proof, HA Bulletproof->Iron Barbs
Delphox Hidden Ability Magician->Magic Guard
Talonflame Attack 81->91
Gogoat Defense 62->72, SpA 97->67, SpDef 81->87, Speed 68->74
Furfrou Attack 80->90
Noivern SpA 97->102
Aromatisse Ability Healer->Fairy Aura, Attack 72->62, Defense 72->82
Slurpuff Attack 80->90, SpA 85->75
Pangoro Hidden Ability Scrappy->Quick Feet
Clawitzer Speed 59->72
Trevenant Attack 110->120, Defense 76->82
Pyroar Hidden Ability Moxie->Adaptability (!)
Inverted all Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist forms Attack, Special Attack.
Gourgeist Hidden Ability Insomnia->Flare Boost
Dedenne Hidden Ability Plus->Electric Surge, SpA 81->91
Avalugg Own Tempo->Filter
Honedge, Doublade No Guard->Blademaster
Decidueye Hidden Ability Long Reach->Tinted Lens
Toucannon HP 80->90
Gumshoos HP 88->98
Shiinotic HP 60->75
Tsareena Hidden Ability Sweet Veil->Striker
Oranguru Hidden Ability Symbiosis->Sage Power, Def 80->110, SpDef 110->80
Passimian SpDef 60->75
Komala HP 65->75
Lurantis Grass->Grass Fighting, Speed 45->55
Turtonator Shell Armor->Dauntless Shield HP 60->70, Attack 78->58
Togedemaru Ability Lightning Rod->Motor Drive Attack 98->108
Drampa HP 78->88, Attack 60->50
A-Sandshrew, A-Sandslash Ability Snow Cloak->Slush Rush, Hidden Ability Slush Rush->Ice Scales (!), Attack 100->110
A-Raticate Attack 71->86
A-Dugtrio Attack 100->110
Silvally – Does not need to hold memory for typing, uses form changer in Cinnabar Labs. Therefore, it can now use any hold item! RKS System->Battle Armor, All Stats 95->100 (!!)
Melmetal Ability Iron Fist->Clear Body
Scorbunny Hidden Ability Libero -> Protean
Cinderace Attack 116->111
Thievul SpA 87->97, Speed 90->110
Eldegoss HP 60->75, SpA 80->90
Dubwool HP 72->82
Boltund Attack 90->100, SpA 90->80
Clobbopus, Grapploct Fighting->Water/Fighting
Morpeko Attack 95->110
Sirfetch’d Steadfast->Blademaster, HP 62->82. Leek Stick DOES NOT WORK on Sirfetch’d
Frosmoth Defense 60->65
Mr Rime attack 85->65, SpDef 100->90, Speed 70->100
Arctovish SpA 80->55, Speed 55->80
Arctozolt Speed 55->80, SpDef 80->55
Dracovish Attack 90->80, SpDef 80->90
Falinks HP 65->75, SpA 70->60
Eiscue, Eiscue-NoIce Attack 80->100, SpA 65->45
Cramorant Defense 55->65, SpA 85->100, Speed 80->105
Stonjourner SpDef 20->50, Speed 70->80
Pincurchin HP 48->68, Attack 101->81
Cursola HP 60->80, Attack 95->75
Perrserker HP 70->90, SpA 50->30
Darmanitan-G Attack 140->130
Barraskewda Hidden Ability Propeller Tail -> Swift Swim
Duraludon Hidden Ability Stalwart -> Clear Body
Ponyta-G, Rapidash-G Psychic/Fairy->Fire/Fairy
Slowbro-G Attack 100->75, Defense 95->105, SpA 100->115
Charmander gets Fire Lash as Egg Move
Ivysaur, Venusaur learn Sludge at level 23 instead of Sweet Scent, Sludge Bomb at Level 36 instead of Worry Seed
Blastoise learns Shell Smash at Level 82
Pidgeot can learn Focus Blast from TM, Hyper Voice from TM
Golem, Alolan Golem learn Head Smash at Level 60 instead of Heavy Slam, learn Body Press and Heat Crash from ™
Machamp can learn Drain Punch from TM
Sandslash, A-Sandslash learns Spikes, Spiky Shield at level 1
Sandshrew-A learn Ice Shard from Egg move
Gloom learns Apple Acid at Level 66
Primeape learns Close Combat at Level 70
Vileplume learns Apple Acid at Level 70
Wigglytuff learns Moonblast at Level 50
Kingler learns Aqua Jet at Level 1, Ice Punch, Iron Head from Move Tutor
Golduck can learn Nasty Plot from Move Tutor, Teleport from TM
Marowak(Kanto) learns Head Smash through Egg Move
Electrode learns Tri Attack at Level 1, Flash Cannon from TM
Farfetch’d learns Drill Peck at Level 49 instead of Air Slash, learns Sacred Sword at 60, can learn ™ Brick Break
Starmie learns Psybeam at Level 1
Clefable learns Teleport at Level 1, learns Softboiled from Egg Move
Slowbro learns Teleport at Level 1
Golduck learns Nasty Plot at level 41 instead of Amnesia
Seaking learns Aqua Jet at level 1, Fishious Rend at Level 1
Seel, Dewgong get Scald by TM
Lapras learns Dragon Pulse at Level 50 instead of Sheer Cold, Dragon Hammer at Level 70, Outrage as Egg Move, gets Scald by ™
Kangaskhan gets Seismic Toss as Egg Move
Onix learns Earthquake at Level 57
Jynx learns Psystrike at Level 65, Psycho Boost at Level 80, Aura Sphere from move Tutor
Pinsir learns Megahorn at Level 60, Double-Edge at level 69
Hitmonlee learns Pyro Ball at Level 66
Jolteon can learn TM Calm Mind
Vaporeon can learn TM Calm Mind
Flareon learns Sacred Fire at Level 70, can learn TM Calm Mind, Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
Omastar learns Diamond Storm at Level 56 instead of Rock Blast (!)
Kabutops learns Razor Shell on Evolution, Sacred Sword at Level 63
Zapdos learns Bolt Beak at level 1
Snorlax learns Wood Hammer at Level 65
Articuno learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor
Typhlosion learns Scorching Sands at Level 61, can learn TM Grass Knot
Meganium can learn Play Rough from Move Tutor, Dazzling Gleam from TM, Draining Kiss on Evolution & at Level 1
Furret Level 32 Sucker Punch instead of Rest, 36 Extreme Speed, 56 DoubleEdge instead of Hyper Voice
Noctowl Learns Oblivion Wing at Level 70 instead of Dream Eater
Ledian Learns Power Up Punch on evolution & at Level 1, Lunge at Level 38, Drain Punch instead of Double Edge at Level 47, First Impression at Level 55, Close Combat at Level 70. Learns Bulk up by ™, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor.
Donphan learns Rock Blast, Drill Run from Move Tutor
Granbull learns Hammer Arm at Level 55, Flare Blitz from Move Tutor
Ampharos learns Tail Glow at Level 75
Sunflora learns Seed Flare at Level 50, Fiery Dance at Level 60, can learn Overheat from TM
Ariados Learns Gunk Shot at Level 1, Megahorn at Level 46 instead of Psychic
Ursaring learns Sucker Punch at Level 1
Forretress Level 42 learns Lunge instead of Iron Defense
Octillery Level 58 learns Snipe Shot instead of Hyper beam, learns Icicle Spear, Pin Missile, Aura Sphere from move tutor
Slugma learns Power Gem at level 29 instead of Rock Slide
Houndoom learns Dark Pulse at Level 56 instead of Crunch, learns Crunch at Level 1
Magcargo learns Power Gem at Level 29 instead of Rock Slide, No Retreat at level 64. Is not able to learn Shell Smash.
Slowking learns Teleport at Level 1
Girafarig learns Boomburst at level 56
Delibird learns Extreme Speed at Level 60
Bellossom learns Moonblast at Level 1, Fiery Dance at Level 64
Espeon learns Fiery Dance at Level 65, can learn TM Teleport
Tyrogue learns Skull Bash as Egg Move
Dunsparce learns No Retreat at Level 41 instead of Endeavor
Steelix learns Earthquake at Level 57
Heracross learns Drill Run from Move Tutor
Kingdra learns Snipe Shot at level 70

Mightyena Psychic Fangs at Level 1 instead of Thief
Camerupt learns Steam Eruption at Level 66, Scald through TM
Slaking learns Double Edge at Level 66
Swellow learns boomburst at Level 65
Grumpig learns Slack Off at Level 66
Walrein gets Scald by TM
Altaria learns Calm Mind from ™, Hurricane from Move Tutor
Shiftry learns Sucker Punch at Level 1
Masquerain learns Hurricane from Move Tutor
Solrock learns Photon Geyser at Level 41 instead of Solarbeam
Lunatone learns Future Sight at Level 33 instead of Heal Block, Photon Geyser at Level 41 instead of Future Sight
Sharpedo learns Aqua Fang at Level 75
Gorebyss learns Moonblast at Level 65, can learn TM Dazzling Gleam
Huntail learns Psychic Fangs at Level 1, Aqua Fang at Level 50 instead of Hydro Pump, Crunch at Level 65
Luvdisc learns Lovely Kiss at Level 40 instead of Aqua Ring (!)
Bagon gets Wish as Egg Move
Medicham can learn Close Combat from move tutor
Armaldo learns First Impression at Level 66
Lileep, Cradily learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
Tropius learns Weather Ball from Move Tutor
Registeel learns Double Iron Bash at Level 1 (!)

Turtwig learns Shell Smash, Grav Apple as Egg Move
Infernape learns Pyro ball at Level 68, can learn Aura Sphere from Move Tutor
Empoleon can learn ™ Calm Mind, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
Kricketune learns Pin Missile at Level 22 instead of Focus Energy
Pachirisu learns TM Reflect
Floatzel learns Fake Out on Evolution, Hydro Pump at Level 51 instead of Agility
Stunky can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor
Skuntank learns Knock Off at Level 1 and can learn from Move Tutor
Abomasnow learns Ice Hammer at level 58 instead of Sheer Cold
Chatot learns Round at Level 21 instead of Chatter, Chatter at Level 29 instead of Round, Boomburst at Level 45 instead of Uproar
Glaceon learns Freeze dry at level 41 instead of Last Resort
Shinx learns Spark at Level 11 instead of Baby Doll Eyes and Baby Doll Eyes at Level 13 instead of Spark(This is to make Falkner more doable)
Mothim can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor
Vespiquen can learn Hurricane from move tutor
Drifblim learns Air Slash at level 34 instead of Swallow/Spitup, Hurricane at Level 1, learns Nasty Plot, Air Slash, Hurricane from move tutor
Cherrim learns Solar Blade at Level 43
Luxray learns Sucker Punch at Level 49 instead of Scary Face, Zing Zap at Level 56, Volt Tackle at level 63 instead of Wild Charge, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
Toxicroak learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor
Abomasnow learn Aurora Veil at Level 1
Gallade learns Sacred Sword at Level 59 instead of Stored Power, Psycho Cut at Level 72, Shadow Claw from TM
Dusknoir learns Shadow Claw from ™, Close Combat from Move Tutor
Electivire learns Mach Punch at Level 1, Plasma Fists at level 70 instead of Thunder. Can learn Close Combat, Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, and Bulk Up from TM.
Magmortar learns Steam Eruption at Level 70, gets Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Scald by TM
Roserade learns Apple Acid at Level 70
Ambipom learns Arm Thrust at Level 60, Triple Axel at Level 65
Glaceon learns Earth Power from Move Tutor
Leafeon learns Jump Kick at Level 1, learns Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
Rampardos learns Accelrock at Level 70
Rotom Defense 77->70, SpDef 77->70 (Can utilize Eviolite in this game, hence why it’s nerfed)
Rotom-Fan learns Hurricane instead of Air Slash
Gabite can learn Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
Garchomp can learn HM Fly
Samurott learns Smart Strike at Level 1, Razor Shell at Level 70 instead of 18, Learns Scald at Level 18 instead of Razor Shell
Emboar learns Jump Kick at level 55 instead of Roar, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor
Unfezant learns Drill Peck at Level 44 instead of Featherdance
Blitzle learns Flame Wheel at Level 29 instead of Stomp, can learn ™ Flamethrower
Unfezant learns Drill Run from move tutor
Zebstrika learns Flame Wheel at level 31 instead of Stomp, Flare Blitz at level 53 instead of Thrash, Bolt Strike at level 65 instead of Ion Deluge, can learn ™ Flamethrower
Swoobat can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor
Sigilyph can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor
Swanna can learn Hydro Pump from Move Tutor
Escavalier learns Double Iron Bash at Level 67 (!)
Gothitelle learns Psycho Boost at Level 70
Lilligant learns Apple Acid at Level 65
Beartic can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor
Leavanny learns Sacred Sword at Level 60
Bouffalant learns Head Smash as Egg Move, Heat Crash and Body Press from TM
Victini learns Fusion Flare at Level 1, Fusion Bolt at Level 1, Flare Blitz at level 65 instead of Double Edge, V-Create at Level 73 instead of Flare Blitz
Whimsicott can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor
Stunfisk learn Earth Power at 50
Sawsbuck can learn TM Earthquake, Rock Slide
Garbodor can learn ™ Poison Jab
Archeops can learn Meteor Beam from TM, Hurricane from Move Tutor
Audino learns Moonblast at Level 65
Druddigon learns Dragon Hammer at Level 70
Terrakion learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor
Virizion learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor
Cobalion learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor
Fletchinder, Talonflame learn Aerial Ace at Level 27 instead of Razor Wind, Flame Charge at 31, Acrobatics at 38/39
Chesnaught can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor
Pumpkaboo learns Mega Drain at Level 16 instead of Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf at Level 26 instead of Bullet Seed, Hex at Level 36 instead of Shadow Ball
Gourgeist learns Giga Drain at Level 48 instead of Seed Bomb, Shadow Ball at Level 57 instead of Phantom Force
Pancham learns Sucker Punch as Egg Move
Doublade learns Smart Strike on evolution
Delphox can learn Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
Carbink learns Recover at Level 65
Heliolisk learns Boomburst at Level 70
Clawitzer learns Snipe Shot at Level 70
Noivern learns Aeroblast at Level 75
Amaura, Aurorus learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
Aurorus learns Boomburst at Level 1
Goomy learns Wish as Egg Move
Goodra can learn Dragon Dance, Giga Drain, Scald, and Drain Punch from ™. Learns Dragon Hammer at Level 75.
Toucannon learns Flare Blitz from Move Tutor
Vikavolt learns Sticky Web at Level 60
Crabominable learns Ice Shard and Mach Punch at Level 1
A-Ninetales learns Aurora Veil at Level 75
Dhelmise learns Spirit Shackle at Level 64
Oricorio learns Quiver Dance at Level 60
Mudsdale learns Slack Off at Level 65
Passimian can learn Mach Punch at Level 1, Sucker Punch at Level 56
Lycanroc Midnight learns Precipice Blades at Level 60
Steenee learns Grav Apple at Level 48
Bounsweet learns Grav Apple at Level 48
Tsareena learns Grav Apple at Level 66

Greedent learns Recycle at Level 65, Heat Crash from TM
Clobbopus, Grapploct learn Low Sweep at Level 20 instead of Brick Break, Brutal Swing at Level 55, Arm Thrust at Level 75, Aqua Jet, Mach Punch as Egg moves, Flip Turn from TM
Boltund learns Ice Fang from Move Tutor
Drednaw learns Aqua Fang at level 72, can learn ™ Brick Break
Meowth-G learns Bullet Punch as Egg move
Obstagoon learns Sucker Punch at Level 63
Farfetch’d-G/Sirfetchd learn Drill Run from move tutor
Ponyta-G/Rapidash-G learn Flame Charge at Level 10 instead of Confusion, Flame Wheel at Level 25 instead of Psybeam, Flamethrower at Level 50 instead of Psychic
Rapidash-G learns Fire Lash on Evolution & at Level 1, Flare Blitz at Level 70
Coalossal learns Power Gem at Level 60
IndeedeeM/F learn Expanding Force at Level 65
Alcremie learns Moonblast at Level 60
Eiscue learns Ice Shard at Level 65
Sirfetch’d learns Sacred Sword at Level 75
Zarude learns Sucker Punch at Level 70, Knock Off from Move Tutor
Dual Wingbeat:
Charizard learns Dual Wingbeat instead of Wing Attack at Level 1 and on Evolution
Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot learn at Level 21, 22, 22 respectively
Fearow learns at Level 32 instead of Focus Energy
Zubat, Golbat, Crobat learn Dual Wingbeat at Level 31, 35, 35 respctively
Farfetch’d learns at Level 21 instead of Air Cutter
Dragonite learns at Level 1, and on Evolution instead of Wing Attack
Aerodactyl learns at level 49 instead of Sky Drop
Hoothoot, Noctowl learn at Level 25, 27 instead of Take Down, respectively
Dunsparce learns at Level 13 instead of Mud Slap
Skarmory learns at 45 instead of Air Slash
Gligar, Gliscor learns at Level 35 intead of Screech
Ho-Oh learns at Level 9 instead of Gust
Ninjask learns at Level 1
Taillow, Swellow learn at Level 33, 39 instead of Air Slash
Vibrava, Flygon learn at Level 40 instead of Uproar
Salamence learn Dual Wingbeat on Evolution and at Level 1 instead of Wing Attack
Starly, Staravia, Staraptor learn at Level 25, 28, 28 instead of Aerial Ace
Vespiquen learns on Evolution instead of Slash
Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant at Level 29, 32, 33 respectively instead of Air Slash
Druddigon at Level 21 instead of Slash
Rufflet, Braviary learns at Level 23 instead of Aerial Ace
Vullaby, Mandibuzz learns at Level 41 instead of Air Slash
Fletchinder,Fletchling,Talonflame learn at Level 42, 44
Hawlucha learns at Level 55 instead of Sky Drop
Noibat, Noivern learn at Level 31 instead of Razor Wind
Trumbeak, Toucannon learn at Level 1

Wicked Blow:
Drapion learns Wicked Blow at Level 64
Pangoro learns Wicked Blow at Level 70
Krookodile learns Wicked Blow at Level 60

Surging Strikes:
Poliwrath learns Surging Strikes at Level 43
Floatzel learns Surging Strikes at level 80

Meteor Beam:
Starmie at level 60
Lunatone at Level 56
Omastar at Level 44